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Personal Development Case Studies

Time Management

Negotiating Skills

Presentation Skills

Supervisory Skills

Leadership Skills

Case Study – Countrywide Property Lawyers (solicitors)

Time Management

A dedicated series of one to one coaching sessions looking at the current behaviours which lead to time being encroached on and analysis of a questionnaire to look at preferred working styles and why time is lost. A further personality questionnaire revealed how to deal effectively with each individual to minimise interruptions, reducing the amount of times Jo accepting work which is not part of her objectives and dealing with self-induced stress.

“The time management course has changed, for the better, the way I approach both my professional and personal life.”

– Jo Moore, PA to the Managing Director, Countrywide Property Lawyers.

Case Study – MIND (charity)

Time Management

A one day course to provide the Management team of Kettering branch of MIND with lots of hints and tips on managing their time more efficiently.

“Thank you for the excellent Time Management training you provided for us. The information and handouts are, and will be, very useful.”

– Kirsty Woods, Training Manager, Kettering MIND

Case Study – Institute of Logistics and Transport (Institute)

Negotiating Skills

A two day standard course to give Managers the understanding of what negotiating is and the concept of win/win negotiating. Role plays in small groups with large group and individual feedback combined to layer the learning.

“A big thank you for a very informative and useful course.”

– Daryl Chesney, Institute of Logistics and Transport

Case Study – Northampton Borough Council (public sector)

Negotiating Skills

A two day course to provide staff with the skills and techniques to negotiate in a wide variety of situations. This was a highly participative course, designed around a Negotiating video which layers the learning through scenarios. Delegates put the learning into practice with role plays in small groups with tutor feedback.

“I found the course very stimulating. Adrian made it interesting and enjoyable. Thank You.”

– Ross Leal, Northampton Borough Council

Case Study – Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing

Negotiating Skills

“This was an excellent course, understandable, practical and makes negotiating plain and simple for both business and personal use. I have used the techniques confidently straight away making significant cost savings at work and at home. I really appreciated the advice Adrian gave me after the course in dealing with a tricky negotiation.”

– Brands Inventory Manager

Case Study – Cranfield University (education)

Presentation Skills

A one day course designed to give research officers hints and tips on making professional presentations.

“I felt the course was very helpful and I obtained loads of good hints and tips on how to plan and implement a successful presentation. I particularly like the examples of mind mapping and what I should, could and must include in a presentation – VERY useful. The course was interesting and the handouts are very useful for reference when planning a presentation.”

– Janet Marshall, Training Co-Ordinator, Cranfield University

Testimonial (26 March 2003)

Thank you so much for the papers relating to your excellent course. We very much appreciate your generosity towards our overseas students in allowing us to use the material that you have originated.

I found the day very beneficial and enjoyable. I feel that you removed a lot of the ‘mystique’ associated with presenting, and have set us comprehensible and attainable goals.

Thank you very much.


Angela Miller Eurolang Co-Ordinator and French and English Lecturer, Cranfield University”

Case Study – Cabinet Office (Government – COBAN)

Presentation Skills

A two day course to provide delegates with the basics of presenting to an audience sized between 4-20 people. The course is a part of a wider modular programme spread over 18 months. Delegates started the course with a short presentation and ended with a presentation of 20-30 minutes in duration; following hints and tips and feedback. There was 200% improvement from the first presentation to the second one!

“I have been hearing how much everyone really enjoyed the event. Marie and Fari have been singing your praises as the best trainer in the whole programme.”

– Marcie Smikle, Change Management, COBAN

Case Study – Carlson Marketing Group (marketing)

Supervisory Skills

A two day course designed for staff new to supervising. The aim was to give them the core skills of managing others: understanding how others learn, coaching techniques, assertiveness skills and motivation in practice. The training was agreed as fast paced, with plenty of activities and fun. The final review exercise was entered into with such enthusiasm that we had people from other courses knocking on the door to join in because they were intrigued by the laughter!

“A thoroughly enjoyable course. The trainer made me feel comfortable and happy to participate in role activities. The course not only gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to manage and motivate your team, it also gave me valuable insights into effective communication skills not just to be used professionally, but in my everyday life too.”

– Joanne Hamilton, Senior Programmer

“I would like to say that the trainer was fantastic and sticks to the learners own objectives and creates a very positive training environment.”

– Sarah Crispin, Team Administrator, Data Capture

Case Study – Motech (automotive industry)

Supervisory Skills

“I wish to thank you for a very interesting and thought provoking 2 days training. When the course was first suggested to me I was very sceptical about it and thought it would be of little benefit to me and my position within the company. However, these thoughts were immediately blown away and I went on to find the course very enjoyable.”

– David Hill, Sales Office Manager, Motech

Case Study: Countryside Council for Wales

Leadership Skills

A two day course designed to improve the leadership skills of staff who are excellent managers but needed guidance on the difference between leadership and management. The pre-course work involved each delegate completing a self-perception questionnaire on their leadership style, which was analysed and compared to the perceptions of others their boss, colleagues, peers and others nominated by the delegate.

The Kouzes/Posner Leadership Practices Inventory was explained as part of the course to enable delegates to practice, review and start action planning a development programme. Each delegate was supplied with a superb workbook providing guidance on each aspect of leadership to develop and options on development according to their learning style.

“A challenging and highly informative training event. Adrian is an inspirational trainer who’s style allows learning in a very effective manner. The course material is very valuable and has given me a great deal of inspiration to allow me to develop as a leader in a very positive manner.”

– Tim Jones, Countryside Council for Wales

Case Study: Alpine Electronics

The Development Company is proud to be working in partnership with Alpine Electronics UK.

Alpine Electronics UK design, develop and manufacture mobile media solutions tailored for high-quality car manufacturers such as Jaguar Landrover and Honda..

When Cathy Buckley, HR Manager of Alpine aligned the learning and development plan with the business plan she identified that middle and senior Managers needed their management and leadership skills updating.

The Development Company was chosen to be the sole training deliverer because of our pragmatic approach to training design, delivery and evaluation.

August 2007

Cathy says “It was so important to find a supplier who could partner me in this project and having carried out extensive research I chose The Development Company.

The Development Company has followed best practice throughout the process including:

  • a tailored training needs analysis to finalise the management programme content
  • delivery tailored to our systems, values and culture
  • an evaluation process to find out what effects the training was having which enabled me to put forward a business case for a second modular programme.”

The first modular programme ran from December 2007 to May 2008 with one module delivered once a calendar month and with work-based assignments in-between. Comments such as “it has transformed my management style” and “the best courses I have ever attended” added to results such as “I have had feedback that I communicate more effectively” and “the tools increased staff morale”.

Leadership Skills

The Directors and Senior Managers of Alpine UK chose The Development Company to develop their leaders. Prior to the event, a self-perception leadership skills questionnaire was completed by the attendees. Each leader nominated members of staff to complete a questionnaire on their leadership style. This 360 degree analysis was a core part of the programme, enabling the leaders to take a step back, review the results and start an action plan for either continuation or change.

The event was a major learning curve for all attendees and encouraged some dramatic changes in leadership style.

Leadership Skills development

“The good news is that all the techniques you introduced on the Leadership Programme are a toolkit for a very high performing organisation. I am thrilled to see our leaders see how clearly their leadership style impacts on our organisation strategy in the short, medium and long term.”

– Cathy Buckley, HR Manager, Alpine Electronics

Management Development Programme 2
During 2008-2009 the second group of Managers attended a modular development programme. Based on the 1st programme this will be evaluated later in 2009. Following the evaluation of the first programme, the need for learning contracts was identified to enable attendees to agree assignments as a work based objective. This was part of Cathy’s goal of moving towards a learning organisation culture.

Other Skills development

As the needs of the business change, the development plan changes and The Development Company has provided one day events in areas such a Negotiating Skills and Dealing with People. These ongoing courses and one to one coaching events are pragmatic in focus so that the learning can be easily transferable into the workplace ensuring the continuation of the new culture.

“I recommend any organisation to look at The Development Company as their preferred partner for the design, delivery and evaluation of any learning events. They have worked with staff with a diversity of roles and tailor each event to ensure the learning is transferred to the workplace. They have enabled me personally to achieve my goal of re-positioning learning and development as an integral part of the business plan.”

– Cathy Buckley, HR Manager, Alpine Electronics

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