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Sales Training Courses

What makes our sales training different?

We use pragmatic approaches based on established research. One client became the top fee earner using our selling strategies.

We tailor our sales training in the following areas:

  • Sales phone call training (inbound and outbound)
  • Writing sales proposals
  • Client meetings that have results – listening & questioning skills, building rapport, writing effective minutes to ensure control
  • Building a sales team that works as a team to maximise opportunities
  • Recruiting the right type of person (selling competency analysis and question design)
  • Negotiating Skills – basic and advanced
  • Sales supervisory/management skills
  • Dealing with difficult customers (phone and face to face)
  • Coaching skills for the Sales Manager
  • Time Management skills for the sales team
  • Presentation Skills – basic and advanced
  • Leadership skills for the sales leader
  • Running sales meetings that maximise opportunities (includes chairing skills)
  • Train the Trainer for the sales person
  • Performance coaching for sales under performers

We design programmes based on your specific organisational, departmental and individual needs. Our pragmatic approach ensures the learning is transferable to the workplace.

Below is a taster of what we can deliver for you to achieve results.