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Using Transactional Analysis to manage situations

Transactional Analysis is a theory in psychology developed by Dr Eric Berne. It is a psycho-social theory using transactions to analyse relationships and challenging people situations individuals may find themselves in. It is used to enable people to change their transacting style and adapt their approaches with colleagues, staff, managers, customers and suppliers. The course is highly interactive.

By the end of this day attendees will be able to:

  • Understand your preferred style of communication
  • Adapt your style, using voice tone, words and body language to be appropriate to the situation or receiver
  • Analyse your life and look to change the patterns (scripts) that are unhelpful to you
  • Approach life in an “I’m OK, You’re OK” life position


Completion of the Transactional Analysis personality profile
Discussion and activities

Transactions – what are they? How do we recognise them? How can this help me?
Discussion and activities

Life Positions – adopting a win-win approach to life
Discussion and activities

The drama triangle – unlocking the script
Rewriting the script – SFNO
Discussion and activities

Time structuring
Discussion and activity

Games – recognising the script

Action Planning

Final group activity

This day is useful to: anyone who manages staff, works with colleagues, attends meetings, handles challenging phone calls and works with people! Attendees find it valuable in enhancing both professional and personal relationships.

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