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Training Acorns

Quick training sessions… Fun and fast paced… enhance performance

Our acorn learning sessions provide knowledge and skills updates at a faster pace, fitting in with the faster pace of modern life, fee earners and people who learn better from shorter events.

Why use Training Acorns in your organisation?

  • People take more in – research proves that we remember more from short burst sessions.
  • We can be fully flexible about the duration to fit in with your business needs. Sessions can be from 90 minutes to half a day.
  • 24/7 delivery – we can deliver at a time that suits your business need.
  • Pragmatic learning – your people will leave with practical and easy to apply learning.
  • Sessions focused to fit learning objectives.
  • Time/work friendly – your people are away from their desks for shorter durations.
  • Expert, inspirational and motivational facilitators.
  • Great value for money.
  • Regular acorn sessions are motivational, fun and developmental.

Training Acorns

What subjects?

Any subjects The Development Company delivers can be covered in an Acorn – see a few examples below or call us to talk through your specific need…

How does it work?

You can employ us to deliver one acorn in a day or a variety in one day. See an example timetable below:

9am – 11am How to Network
11.30am – 1pm Effective email
2pm – 3.30pm Minute Taking Made Easy
4pm – 5.30pm Win-Win Negotiating

Training Acorns can accommodate up to 20 staff and can be 45 minutes to 2 hours in duration. You can purchase a full day as the above example or just one Training Acorn in a day.

Call us for details

Consultancy and individually tailored coaching and development for all areas of a Train the Trainer Course is only a phone call away. Please contact us now.