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Management Development Training

We have been praised for our pragmatic and easily transferable management development training courses and programmes. Our trainers have held jobs as Supervisors, Line Managers and Senior Managers and therefore facilitate on an experience basis.

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Areas of management development training we can offer programmes in

There are two areas managers need to focus on: managing the task and managing the people. The task is often the easier part to manage, as production is more easily controlled and measured. The people are the key challenge. You need to develop the skills of understanding people and managing their psychology so that they are motivated, committed and have ownership of their jobs.

Here are some of our areas of training which will help you achieve these outcomes.

  • Introduction to Management
  • Junior/ Middle/Senior Management Programmes
  • Senior Managers Retreat
  • Supervisory Development Workshop
  • Team Leader training
  • Co-Ordinator Development
  • Core Management Skills
  • Residential retreats for all levels of management/supervisory staff
  • Modular programmes which can support NVQ qualifications
  • ‘Training acorns’ which are short high paced facilitated sessions (2 hours to 3 hours)

Successful Manager

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Individual objectives can be identified and agreed prior to the programme or at the start of the programme. If this approach is taken, management development training inputs can add value as they are related to an individual’s everyday situation.

We believe in tailoring the management development training to incorporate the following:

  • Organisation core values
  • Organisation competencies
  • Organisation objectives
  • Departmental objectives

Making sessions easy to relate to

The last thing a learner needs is to practise in a situation which bears little relation to one they would encounter at work. We like to tailor our management development training programmes so that the learning is easily transferred to work.

Take into account learners’ preferred learning style

We like variety in our management development training programmes; theory, discussion, activity, and review. However, we are happy to tailor programmes to fit in with the unique style of your learners. We have designed strong theory programmes and fast-paced activity sessions with visual rather than word-based handouts.

Industry experience covers:

  • Manufacturing
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  • Financial services
  • Government departments
  • Gas industry
  • Distribution
  • Food production
  • Marketing
  • Research & development (paper industry)
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Local government
  • Education

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Management Development Resources

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Case studies

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