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The Creative Manager

What does working smarter mean? Nowadays, whether you are a team leader, coach, supervisor or manager you need to be able to maximise the opportunities available to your people and minimise time wasting problems re-occurring. This course looks at developing and enhancing the creativity within us all to ensure that continuous improvements are fun, time saving and cost efficient.

The course content and duration is dependant upon the specific needs of the organisation.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to maximise their own or the creative potential of others in order to achieve both personal and work objectives.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify examples of your own creative effectiveness
  • Identify areas in which you can maximise your own creativity
  • Identify blocks in creativity and solutions to them
  • Have leading edge techniques of problem solving for both team and individual problem solving

This course is highly participative, to enable delegates a chance to put their analytical and lateral creativity into practise.

Other Training Options:

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bespoke management development
recruitment interviewing
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