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Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills Course

facilitation skills course

Achieving successful outcomes through the effective facilitation of groups is vital in today’s business world. People form groups to solve a problem, gain consensus to a particular course of action or to mediate in conflicts or disputes. The facilitation skills course will enable participants to design a process that will ensure a successful outcome and to gain the commitment of all those involved.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of a facilitator
  • Apply facilitation skills for optimum results
  • Confront and overcome difficult situations
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the facilitation process

Day 1 :

  • What is a facilitator? – Group discussion 
  • The facilitation model – Activity: facilitating a given task 
  • The twelve tasks of facilitation – Discussion on applications of the skill 
  • Understanding individual behaviour  A personality profile to enable delegates to apply a method of understanding communication
    • Understanding group behaviour – A session reviewing the day and the stages of this group’s formation

Day 2:

  • Communication (continued) – Activity reviewing and developing on yesterday’s work
  • Tools and techniques of the facilitator 
  • Managing conflict in groups – Tools and techniques of dealing with difficult situations
  • Activity: facilitating a given task
  • Evaluating the outcome of facilitation
  • Questions and summary

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