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Train the Trainer Case Studies

Case Study – Astra Zeneca (pharmaceuticals/manufacturing/production)

Train the Trainer for the occasional trainer

A two day course with two weeks between day one and day two for delegates to plan their training session. Participants were given the theory on day one: how people learn, setting objectives, planning the session, methods of evaluation and making it interesting. The morning of day two was spent on the production line, recording real training sessions, leaving the afternoon for feedback, review and individual action planning.

“Candidates were encouraged to put training theory to the test, both in the workplace and in the training room. Feedback from these sessions was both constructive and supportive. Everyone said that the training programme was FUN!”

– Alan Ketley GMP/NVQ Co-ordinator, Astra Zeneca

Case Study – Countrywide Property Lawyers (solicitors)

A two day course for experienced trainers who had the skills of training but required the psychology of dealing with the unexpected: delegates who do not want to attend courses, difficult behaviour on courses and handling awkward situations assertively. Topics covered included a personality profile, understanding why people behave the way they do and a toolbox of ways to respond in such situations.

The course was excellent. All seems to be going well with the training and we use the ‘left luggage’ to great effect.

– Clive Harris Trainer, Countrywide Property Lawyers.


Case Study – Marks & Spencer

Training Design

A 4 day course during which delegates worked and practised on real training sessions throughout. Firstly, the training needs were analysed to ensure accuracy of data. Then behavioural objectives were designed and the subsequent evaluation of these objectives via a variety of methods. Sessions were then planned according to the audience needs and demands.

Through implementing what I learned on the course I have been able to design several courses (in varying length and complexity) without having to involve outside consultants. This has resulted in cost-savings! I can now speak with confidence to customers about what their training should include.

Another positive of the course was that it was practical. I was able to work on a live project whilst learning and take a finished piece of work back to the office at the end of the course.

Adrian Green was a really good facilitator!

– Tracy Gunn, Learning Solution Developer, Marks&Spencer


Case Study – Motor Neurone Disease Association (charity)

Train the Trainer – Small and Large Group Training Sessions

A 2 day course covering the identification of training needs, designing behavioural objectives and evaluation. The key for this group was tailoring each session to the needs of each group as the trainers experience a wide diversity of group sizes from 2 to 80+! In addition to this they may train in a cramped room with no equipment or may be in a state of the art lecture hall! Delegates had the opportunity to work on a real case study and practise it on day two. Written feedback and a copy of the session was provided for each delegate.

“We are absolutely thrilled with what The Development Company have achieved. The Regional Care Advisers’ enjoyed the courses so much and they are applying the techniques. It has really had an impact.”

– Kay Attard, Personnel Manager, Motor Neurone Disease Association (charity)

Case Study – Waitrose food shops

Foundation Course for Trainers

A four day course covering identification and analysis of training needs, training design, training delivery and evaluation to Assistant Staff and Training Managers (ASTM’s). The ASTM’s needed ideas to liven up sessions especially as they often deliver to small groups and even one to one.

Thank you for your contribution. We have had very enthusiastic feedback from the ASTM’s who attended.”

– Janice Doherty, Head of Personnel (Branches), Waitrose food shops

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