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Making Training Fun!

During the last course I attended, the tutor blew a whistle to tell me to stop talking! I do not joke! Well, neither did he, really, all day. The training style he used was ‘chalk and talk’ and he seemed to think the day was about cramming in as much information and ticking boxes!

We believe that the best type of learning events are those which have a relaxed yet focused atmosphere! Participants on this course will enjoy variety and fun to experience different methods themselves.

This course is designed to enable trainers to use a range of participative methods with individuals or groups of learners. It focuses on syndicate work, cases studies, exercises, management games, stories, group presentations, individual presentations, energisers and role plays.

The course content and duration is dependant upon the specific needs of the organisation.

Who should attend?

Trainers, Managers, Facilitators, Educators, Course Designers, HRD Professionals who would like to build participative methods into their training. Ideally, delegates should have direct training experience.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Select appropriate methods for given needs, taking external factors into account
  • Write tailored briefs and adapt materials to suit individual needs
  • Prepare and run a variety of participative methods
  • Identify ways of maximising the learning via use of these methods

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