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Managing Behaviour in Groups

Part of the job of a trainer is to read, understand, and manage the dynamics taking place within the group. This understanding needs to start at the beginning of the course, when individuals can be nervous and apprehensive. The right choice of icebreaker is essential to enable the trainer to move the group to the most appropriate position to suit the culture of the group and the learning needs. Following this, the trainer needs to read the mood of the group and sub-groups within it, so that they can respond accordingly.

The trainer also must be aware of their own influence on the group and manage it carefully.

This is an experientially based workshop, using the dynamics and culture of the group being trained to develop each participant’s awareness. A variety of models are introduced, and each individual will have an opportunity to observe and manage specific situations.

Who should attend?

Trainers, Managers, Facilitators, Educators, HRD Professionals and anyone involved in the training of people in an office, retail, distribution or service environment.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify key influencers of the group
  • Manage the development of the group to create a particular environment
  • Develop self-awareness about your influence as a trainer in a group situation
  • Spot “games” and stop them progressing
  • Gain confidence in group situations
  • Learn how to influence difficult people to ensure positive gains for all

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