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What is One to One Training?


One to one training takes place every day in every organisation.

Typically, a “job expert” is asked to help someone learn a task or a process.

They will usually demonstrate the job and then observe the leaner as they have a go.

The logic is that the person with the most expertise will pass it on to a less experienced person who needs to learn.

Professional One to One Training

But is the job expert always the best person to train others? They may know the job well but may not be so good at communicating that to others.

The best person to carry out one to one training is someone who knows the job well and has also been trained as a one to one trainer.

Structuring a one to one training session

Every one to one training session should have some kind of structure to it.

one to one training course

I suggest the following framework as a guide:

  1. Identify risk factors involved with the task
  2. Establish the learner’s preferred learning style
  3. Get them involved and hands on as soon as they are comfortable and it is safe for them
  4. Assess their understanding through questioning
  5. Use a realistic assessment which will test their understanding as well as their performance.
  6. Use a coaching approach to develop their skills and confidence further as they develop in the job role.

One to One Training and Learning Styles

Ah, the psychology bit!

Research carried out by Kolb and also Honey and Mumford identified that we don’t all learn the same way. We all have preferences in how we like to approach a learning challenge.

  • Some people prefer to work things out for themselves
  • Some people prefer to be shown how to do it first
  • Some people prefer to understand the theory and logic behind what they are learning
  • Some people prefer to learn as they work on a live task

Using the research from learning styles is essential to ensure your one to one training is effective.

One to One Training and Coaching

An important part of one to one training is how you support the learner as they further develop their abilities.

The temptation is to answer all their questions and solve all their problems for them because we like to be helpful to others.

However, it is often better to help them identify and solve their own problems.

That way, they will learn to think for themselves.

So consider coaching as an important skill when training people to be one to one trainers.

Your Action Plan

Identify the best people to become one to one trainers

Ask us here to help create a one to one training course for your trainers

The course can be accredited or even created as a recognisable qualification

We will train your one to one trainers and assess them for you.

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