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A Trainers Toolbox For Handling Difficult Delegates

Handling Difficult Delegates Tailored Training Course

handling difficult delegates

How good are you at handling difficult delegates on your courses?

An individual who is behaving in an aggressive, dismissive or hostile way can seriously affect the learning of others if a trainer does not handle the situation well.

The trainer needs to handle the participant’s behaviour without resorting to aggression or bullying tactics: there may be valid reasons why the person is behaving in such a way.

This Handling Difficult Delegates course identifies the behaviour patterns that lead to a person behaving in a disruptive manner. You will practise a new set of behaviours so that you won’t feel out of control in these situations.

This is a highly participative workshop, using a personality profile to explain why people behave in the way they do and why situations spiral out of control.

Participants on the Handing Difficult Delegates course will have plenty of practice and reflection time and the activities will produce ideas for implementation in the training room.

Who should attend?

Trainers, Managers, Facilitators, Educators, Course Designers, HRD Professionals and anyone involved in the training of people in an office, retail, distribution or service environment.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify behaviours in themselves and others that lead to undesirable behaviour
  • Use a variety of techniques to deal with aggressive, negative, dismissive, disinterested and disruptive delegates
  • Manage both aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Project your own authority in an assertive way
  • Gain confidence in group situations
  • Learn how to influence difficult people to ensure positive gains for all

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