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Time Management Skills Elearning

Tony Desborough is the Production Manager at Barton International. Time Management Skills Tony2Tony has worked hard to improve his time management. He attended a Time Management Skills course run by The Development Company and has now reached the stage where he is happy to share his improvements and time management tips with you so that you can benefit from his experiences.

Throughout this elearning course you will apply a wide range of techniques to your own life which will make a positive difference for you now in the future.
The whole course takes around 6 hours online time with an additional 2 to 3 days in Module 2 needed to create your time logs.

Watch the introduction video from the Time Management Skills series and Tony will explain everything.

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Finally enjoy the extra time you will have as a result of implementing the time management skills you learn during the course.

Time Management Skills Module 1 – Visioning and Goal Setting

In this module you will get to know Tony and how he was perceived by his staff and colleagues before he attended his Time Management Skills course. The main part of this module involves you going through a visioning exercise to create your own personal vision.

You will work on two objectives in this module:

• Create a vision of how you will be using your time one year from now
• Create at least one goal written in SMART terminology

Estimated online time: 30 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 2 – Where does my time go?

Tony will introduce you to the time management model and then give you options for how you create a time log. You will need to stop the course during this module to produce some time sheets on how you use your time over a 2 to 3 day period.

You will work on these objectives:

• Work more productively using a four stage time management model
• Analyse your use of time and identify your options to change your patterns

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 3 – Planning and Prioritising

time management elearning blogThis module introduces you to the LEAPD model. Tony will take you through each step with you using the model to identify your tasks and structure your time.

There are two objectives you will achieve:

• Use a given method to clear your inbox and in-tray every day
• Use a realistic planning approach and build in contingency time every day

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 4 – Working Assertively

Being passive or aggressive can get in the way when needing help from others. In this module you will learn how to step back and plan so you can approach people with assertive behaviour. Tony will demonstrate some useful techniques you can use.

You will work on these objectives:

• Identify Assertive, Aggressive and Passive behaviour
• Use a range of tools to work assertively with other people

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 5 – Mind Mapping

Most people plan using a linear approach to plan their time. In this module you will use a “right brain” technique called mind mapping. Firstly you will see some examples of how it works and then produce one of your own.

Your objective is to:

• Use a right brain technique (Mind Mapping) to help plan large tasks

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 6 – Drivers

This module looks at the psychological side of time management. What it is within you that compels you to be a perfectionist or to always take on too many things or feel that you are failing if you ask for help.

You will cover these objectives:

• Identify your own primary drivers
• Identify the primary drivers or ‘Working Styles’ of others by recognising behavioural characteristics
• Flex your predominant Working Style to be more time effective

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 7 – Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination is the art of putting off doing things intentionally. In this module Tony helps you to explore some of the reasons why that might happen and the options for dealing with them.

You will:

• Identify the types of task you delay completing
• Apply some practical tools to ensure you get things done

Estimated online time: 45 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 8 – Managing Interruptions

We all have interruptions in our jobs. Some are part of the job and some are unwelcome. You will learn three techniques you can use to manage the unwelcome interruptions.

Your objectives are to:

• Identify the essential interruptions to enable you to do your job
• Use the 3 R’s tool to help you manage interruptions

Estimated online time: 30 minutes

Time Management Skills Module 9 – Effective Meetings

Finally, many of us spend a lot of time in meetings. So let’s make these meetings worthwhile and productive.

Your objective is to:

• Use a set of groundrules to ensure meetings are useful and not time wasting

Estimated online time: 30 minutes

Estimated total online time: 6 hours

For more information on Time Management products and tips click here.

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  1. Nathalie Pokrant says:

    I really like the kind of this courses. The changing of learning elements (film – text – and the independent work) is very good selected.
    It’s absolutely not boring, sometimes a bit funny ;-), I really like to continue in one session. But my schedule don’t allow it.

    I really learned a lot. I always thought I’m the ‘Be perfect’ driver – this course show me I’m not! So I need to change my point of view!

    Also the tools I got there are grandiose. It’s in step with actual practice I always know why I need to do this exercise.

    Congratulation a very interesting course.

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