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Minutes Taking Online Course

Master the Art of Minute Taking with The Development Company’s Minute Taking Online Course

Enhance your professional skill set with our comprehensive online course designed to teach you the intricacies of effective minute taking. Whether you are an administrative assistant, project manager, or anyone involved in regular meetings, our course will elevate your minute taking abilities.

The ability to take clear and concise minutes is a valuable asset in any professional setting. Effective minutes capture the key points of a meeting, decisions made, action items, and the next steps. This ensures everyone is on the same page and facilitates efficient follow up. Taking minutes is a real art. What do I write down in my notes and what do I leave out?

Course Overview

Our Minutes Taking Online Course offers practical, hands-on training through six interactive modules and video footage. You will learn to take accurate notes, create effective minutes, and master various minute taking styles.

As a guide, it will take approximately 3 hours to complete the course. You can dip in and out as much as you want within the purchased licence period. Your licence period will start when you enter the activation code on our learning platform.

Course ObjectivesMeeting Minutes ebook click

Module 1 – The Roles in a Meeting

  • Identify the steps of a meeting cycle
  • Clarify the roles of the Chair and the Minute Taker

Module 2 – Minute Taker Behaviour

  • Highlight poor Minute Taker procedure and bad practice
  • Identify the best practice approach for a Minute Taker

Module 3 – Agenda and Writing MinutesMinutes taking skills elearning outline

  • Create an Objectives Agenda
  • Identify a variety of styles for minutes taking

Module 4A – Note Taking and Practice

  • Develop an effective note taking style
  • Practise your note taking

Module 4B – Note Taking Practice

This module provides you with additional practice in taking notes.

Module 5 – Mind Mapping PracticeMeeting management click thru

  • Develop a method of note taking using a mind map

Module 6 – Creating a Meeting Brief

  • Create a Meeting Brief
  • Produce an Action Checklist

Who Should Enroll in This Course?

  • Administrative assistants and office professionals
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • Anyone participating in regular meetings

Enrollment and Pricing

  • Price: £99 per person for a 90-day license (excluding VAT)
  • Activation Code: Your activation code and sign up details will be emailed to you after purchase
  • Flexible Access: Enter your activation code on our learning platform to begin learning at your convenience.

Ready to Improve Your Skills?

Enroll today to take your professional development to the next level. Benefit from the flexibility of online learning and become an invaluable asset in any meeting setting.

By choosing our course, you’re investing in a skill that will enhance your professional efficiency and clarity in meetings. Join us and transform the way you take minutes today!

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  1. Sara says:

    I was not sure what this course would be like, however I found this course really enjoyable and helpful. The scenarios and course notes were brilliant. I have certainly felt a lot more confident in minute taking since.

  2. Amy says:

    A really good course, enjoyed the scenarios and helped with planning.

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