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Recruitment Interview Skills Training – Online Course

Interview skills training is essential for all interviewers. Recruiting the wrong person can be so costly, but how do you know what to do to find the right person?

This online Recruitment Interview Skills Training course will give you a process to identify what you are looking for in your candidates.

Learn how to ask the right questions to obtain factual evidence about the person you are interviewing and use an objective assessment system to measure each candidate against the job requirements.

Everything you Need in this online Recruitment Interview Skills Training Course

This is a completely interactive course. You will follow through the process of drawing up a job description and person specification. You will then design the right questions to ask during the interview.

By following our professionally produced video scenarios, you will learn how to ask questions and obtain evidence using the STAR model. You will also learn how to assess the evidence so you can make an objective decision about the candidate.

No recruitment process is perfect however we find that identifying evidence of a person’s behaviour in the past in a given situation can be a realistic predictor of how they are likely to behave given a similar situation in the future.

Recruitment Interview Skills Training – Course Format

This online Recruitment Interview Skills Training course is split into 10 modules which will help you manage different aspects of developing your job interview skills.

You will take about 4-5 hours to complete all ten modules, not including research work you may need to do along the way.

Recruitment Interview Skills Training Content

Each of the ten modules works towards achieving specific objectives. You can leave the course at any point as the system always remembers where you are and will save any work you have completed. Our system will rejoin you at the same point from where you left.

You can also download any work you carry out within the online course so that you do not lose access to this work once the course has expired.

Module 1 – The Recruitment Process

  • Identify the recruitment process in your organisation.

Module 2 – Analysing Your Requirements

  • Perform a basic job analysis and draw up a job description and a person specification.

Module 3 – Selection Methods

  • Assess how effective each selection method is in assessing useful information from the candidate.

Module 4 – Introduction to Behavioural Interviewing

  • Identify the principles of behavioural interviewing
  • Create a structure for your selection interviews

Module 5 – The Behaviours

  • Select the six most appropriate behaviours for a given job
  • Design two behavioural questions

Module 6 – Using STAR

  • Use the STAR model and funnel questions within an interview to obtain good quality evidence.

Module 7 – Managing the Interview

  • Manage the interview to identify non-behavioural questions and re-direct the interview to behavioural questions.
  • Apply best coaching techniques to improve your interviews.

Module 8 – Taking Notes

  • Take effective and accurate notes.

Module 9 – Assessing the Evidence

  • Carry out an objective assessment of the evidence obtained from an interview.

Module 10 – Ending the Interview

  • Provide effective answers to candidates questions
  • End an interview professionally

Recruitment Interview Techniques Videos

The videos used within this online Recruitment Interview Skills Training course are based within Barton International. The course follows a number of different people being interviewed for jobs within the organisation.

You can view a sample of the videos here:

Interview Skills Training – Action

For only £49 plus VAT for one licence. You cannot afford not to do this online Recruitment Interview Skills training course.

Purchase at the top of this page or contact us by email or phone to purchase multiple licences.


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