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Learn to keep on top of your workload. This course teaches effective business time management skills which will greatly increase your work capacity. Applying the skills that you learn on this one-day Time Management course to your day-to-day life will help you prioritise your tasks and efficiently manage your time so that you thrive in a pressured environment. This time management course uses a psychometric test of personality which can explain why some people have problems in managing their workload. One attendee doubled his productivity using our method of prioritising. EVERYONE reports a minimum of 5% improvement in effectiveness from evaluation of this course. Topics include planning, prioritising, diary management dealing with interruptions and making meetings effective.

Who should attend this Time Management course?

Anyone who would like to improve how they manage their time and workload.

Typically, you will learn to:

  • Identify the barriers that get in the way of your work
  • Understand the importance of planning and prioritising your workload
  • Identify behaviours in yourself and others that cause time to be lost/encroached upon
  • Identify ways to maximise your time to reduce stress and tips to improve productivity

This is a highly participative workshop, using a psychometric test to highlight areas which may explain why delegates have problems with time. Delegates will find they are not alone in their problems and the group brainstorming sessions will produce ideas for implementation back at work.

Here’s what recent participants have said about this Time Management course:Time Management Skills main photo Tony

“The course really has helped.” – Andrew Sharman, Airwair International

“I just wanted you to know that my overall organisation of my work load has improved dramatically. I realise that spending time organising my files and preparing in advance for many of tasks has made a real difference. Especially to my outlook day to day. Thanks so much.” – Sherri Booth , Dept of Computer Science, Loughborough University

“The time management course has changed, for the better, the way I approach both my professional and personal life.” – Jo Moore, PA to the Managing Director, Countrywide Property Lawyers


Mindfulness and Time Management

Read this thought provoking blog on mindfulness.

Time Management mindfulness click


Time Management Options

Do you need a tailored in-house time management skills course or a self-paced e-learning course? Or would you like to buy and run your own ready made “off the shelf” time management course?

Read about our other time management options

Time Management more options click

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  1. Anita Chapman says:

    I attended this course many years ago and am pleased to say I still use the content today! Under my monitor proudly sits a post-it reminding me to DO, DEFER, DELEGATE, DELETE!!! Funny how a scribbled note stays with you. I can highly recommend the course and trainer. Kay helps you recognise the good and bad in how you operate and gives great tips to help turn things to your advantage. And it’s all done in a way that’s easily retained and simple to pass on to others. Go. It WILL help!

  2. Angela says:

    Really enjoyable and useful, the trainer was excellent too.

  3. Jo Lowe says:

    Excellent course, excellent trainer. Made me re-think my working day and personal life. Very beneficial.

  4. Katherine says:

    This course was very valuable to my learning and I am so glad I went on it. I learned so much about managing time, prioritising and delegating that I have been using ever since. I am also now more confident in saying “no” I cannot take this task on, I can see when myself and my staff are not coping with their time management and have been able to pass on the lessons that I learned from this course to others. A real eye opener that I learned so much from.

  5. Najmi Nor says:

    After completing the full course, I have now handled my tasks in more efficient manner. I was exposed to useful tools to achieve my goals, at the same time enjoying my day both at work and home. I am amazed of how easy it is to work with others in terms of handling routine or difficult tasks following my participant in this course. I would recommend this course to all level of staff or any individuals.

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