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Time Management Skills

Time is money. Everyone needs to develop their time management skills to be able to manage their time effectively and efficiently.Move your mouse over me

The Time Management Skills Ready Made Course is packed full of practical time management tips.

The course introduces practical tools that will improve productivity and enable people to take control and manage their busy workloads.

It consists of facilitator notes, handouts, activities and visual slides together with 13 video scenarios which provide a case study focused on the work of a typical busy manager.

You can adapt the facilitator notes to run a one day course, a two day course, a series of short burst training sessions (we call them Acorns), a seminar or as part of a one to one development programme.

The video scenarios used within the Time Management Skills course are all filmed using professional actors and a full film crew. All the films are about life within Barton International and are scripted by trainers who are experts in their subject matter.

Time Management Skills

Example Course Content


Creating a personal vision of the use of time in the futureTime Management Skills Tony1

Goal Setting

Developing SMART goals

Model of Time

Using a practical time management model

Planning and Prioritising

How to use this effective method for managing day to day time

Working Assertively

Managing your time when working with other people


Mind maps

Breaking down large tasks

Understanding Yourself

A psychometric instrument to identify an individual’s time influencesTime Management Skills Tony2


Managing interruptions


Managing groundrules

time management skills 30 ways download

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Time Management Skills Ready Made Course

The Time Management Skills Ready Made Course includes clear instructions on how to use each of the tools provided.

At £450 plus carriage and VAT, this course provides you with a value added course which you can use again and again.

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Time Management Skills Options

We can provide places on an open Time Management Skills course, a tailored in-house course, or a self-paced Time Management Skills e-learning course.

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