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Minute Taking Skills Course

What is Minute Taking?

This pragmatic course will answer the question for you – everything you need to know about minute taking. Delivered by an experienced minute taker, the day will provide essential tips on note taking and writing minutes. The course is highly interactive, with plenty of note taking practice for delegates – using modern films of meetings. Attendees will leave the course with a variety of skills for note taking and with bags of confidence in minute taking.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to improve their note taking and minute taking skills. This course is suitable for minute taking at both formal and informal meetings.

By the end of this course attendees will be able to:
Meeting Minutes ebook click

  • Identify the responsibilities of the minute taker
  • Sort out the facts
  • Use a variety of methods of note taking and minute taking
  • Use techniques to interject for clarity
  • Be capable of writing minutes that are clearly laid out
  • Produce action minutes
  • Produce summary minutes for formal meetings

Specific Minute Taking Skills Course Content

The meeting cycle

Experiential activity and review

Note Taking and Writing Minutes

Before, during and after the meeting – clarifying roles

What makes an effective Minute Taker?

What makes an effective Note Taker?Meeting management click thru

Note taking and minute taking practice

  • Linear note taking
  • Styles of note taking
  • Right-brained note taking
  • Tips on note taking

Attendees will enjoy up to four opportunities to make notes using DVD scenarios that are realistic and actors who speak in real time. These note taking practice sessions are essential in the safe environment of the course. Attendees will experience a real improvement in their note taking skills.

Writing Minutes Practice

Following each note taking practice, attendees will produce action minutes and summary minutes from their notes. Feedback and review. These practice sessions in writing minutes in the safe environment of the course means attendees will gain essential skills in taking minutes and examples of minute templates.

Minute Taking terminology

  • Glossaries
  • Types of minutes
  • Minute templates

This is the course for you if you want to know “How do I write minutes?” and “What is note taking?”.

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  1. Cathy Cunnington says:

    A very effective course with useful handouts and informative videos. I didn’t understand to start with but Kay was patient in explaining further. I feel attending Minute Taking Skills has improved my knowledge and understanding of arranging meetings, taking notes and producing useful time effective minutes. I actually cannot wait to put my new skills into practise.

  2. Rachel Stanton says:

    Kay is fantastic. I learned such a lot from her on the minute taking skills course. From setting up the Agenda and inviting Attendees to how to actually take succinct, accurate minutes. I have started putting these new skills into practice already and they have made a real difference to both myself and my MD. Thank you Kay.

  3. Amber says:

    Brilliant course. I now feel confident in minute taking.

  4. Katherine says:

    I went on this course before my job role required me to take minutes, now a couple of years after the course I am so glad I had the opportunity to take the training. The skills I learned from Kay have made me very efficient and confident with minute taking for any type of meeting. I would recommend this course to everyone!

  5. Matthew Hollis says:

    Provided some very useful hints and tips for minute taking. I shall be trying out some of the techniques the next time I have to take minutes.

  6. Jaci Taylor says:

    It was an eye opener and some very useful hints and tips to help me manage my time better and actually enjoy minute taking not dread it.

    I have taken on board meeting with the Chair prior to the meeting and asking them to sum up after each agenda item which has helped greatly. I am sitting myself next to them and not moving.

    After the meeting yesterday I found myself a quiet corner and typed up the minutes within an hour (which was brilliant with no interruptions).

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