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presentation skills 3 for 2

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Presentation Skills Course

Good presentation skills are vital in communicating ideas and for influencing others to follow your direction. In customer negotiations your presentation skills determine success or failure and large contracts hinge on your ability to put across your message. Once learned, good presentation skills reward you for the rest of your life. This course uses video filming and playback to provide feedback and help delegates see themselves as other do.

Who should attend:

Anyone who makes presentations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Prepare effectively for presentations
  • Use a structure to maintain control
  • Use a structure to sell an idea, products and services
  • Ensure their presentations maximise audience attention
  • Apply presenters hints and tips to build their confidence
  • Use body language to convey confidence
  • Present in a clear and enthusiastic way
  • Deliver presentations on the spot
  • Develop their skills by practising in a safe environment
  • Use techniques to manage their nerves
  • Answer questions in a confident way

Specific course content:

  • A presentation to highlight areas to develop
  • Developing a framework to use for all presentations
  • Planning and preparing the presentation
  • Making a good first impression
  • Understanding the effects of your body language
  • Using visual aids to support the spoken word

Presentation Skills – Brief Outline

This is a one day course covering the essentials of presenting: objective setting, structure, using effective visual aids, dealing with questions, body language, participative presentations and sales presentations are topics covered. Attendees will get the opportunity to do up to 4 presentations during the day. They will receive a DVD of their presentations for self review following the day.

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  1. sarah milner says:

    Excellent day all round. I found Kay to be a very supportive and knowledgeable trainer, who was also able to be flexible and make the training fit to our individual needs.
    Delegates are filmed during presentations which can be daunting of course but is a brilliant recourse as you can honestly review your performance with a critical eye which develops confidence and teaches you the importance of practising presentations over and over.

    The fact that each segment of the day is supported by detailed hand-outs allows for follow up research particularly into area such as mind mapping and creative thinking. The 12 month support programme which runs after the training is also much appreciated and I know I will find this very useful when putting together my next Power Point!

    Thanks again

  2. Liz Burr says:

    This course could not have been more timely! Our trainer – Kay – was fantastic, and had us practising our presentation skills within minutes. She created a very supportive environment, putting us all at ease, and this really helped me to relax and take in all the information. Kay’s experience of the subject shone through.
    Course materials were provided throughout the day, and really are second to none. I have been able to start planning my new presentations immediately, using the materials provided. Furthermore, Kay has also offered ongoing support via email/ in person over the next twelve months, and has provided us with a ‘storyboard’ of the day – mapping our journey through the course. We were filmed during all presentations and a copy of this will be provided on DVD so that we can continue to improve our skills.
    A first rate experience – I thoroughly recommend the Development Company to anyone looking to dramatically improve their presentation skills.

  3. Jackie Sawford says:

    Thoughtfully prepared, helpfully presented and lots of individual attention.

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