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Meeting Minutes

How to Create Accurate Meeting Minutes

When you first started to create meeting minutes, did you learn by picking it up as you went along?

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Do you find yourself writing as much down as possible in the hope that you don’t miss anything important?

Well, here are the secrets of creating accurate meeting minutes.

Plus, a free ebook download for you!

1. Pre-Meeting Preparation

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Plan carefully for the meeting and you will end up with effective meeting minutes. Make sure you have an agenda agreed with the meeting Chair. Have an objective for each agenda item.

Working to objectives or outcomes makes it easier for you to identify relevant action points from the discussion and identify non-relevant topics.

2. Note Taking

Create your own system for note taking, using abbreviations that you will understand when you read your notes later.

Don’t write everything down; just the facts relevant to the agenda and action points.

3. Creating Meeting Minutes
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Use the same format each time. We suggest using an Action Checklist. It focuses on Who, What and When.

4. Distribution of Meeting Minutes

Send the meeting minutes to the meeting attendees and other interested parties as soon as you can following the meeting.

Meeting Minutes – How to Become an Expert Minute Taker

You need to practise, practise, practise!

But also you need to get yourself some good quality training so you practise the right way.

There are so many training options available.


Organise an In-Company Minute Taking Skills Course

If you have 3 or people with the same need, then we can create a tailored version of the open Minute Taking Skills Course for you. We will run the course at your business location.

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Sign up for an Online Minute Taking Course

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A one person licence is just £49 plus VAT for the complete course.

Study to suit yourself. Log in and out as often as you want. The system will remember what you have covered.


Buy and Run your Own Ready Made Minute Taking Skills Course

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Buy the entire course, including all video scenarios, facilitator notes, handouts and activities.

The complete Minute Taking Skills Ready Made Course is just £499, plus p&p and VAT.

This is very cost-effective if you have several people with this training need, as you can run the course as many times as you want.

Get Your Free Ebook

To download your free ebook, 7 Tips for Perfect Minute Taking, click on the link below.

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