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Meeting Management

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Tips, Ideas and Training

Poor Meeting Management Skills

How much time in meetings is wasted due to Chairs who are not trained in meeting management skills?

Destructive arguments, poor attendee behaviour, lack of summarising and bad structure are the most common complaints people have given us as the result of poor meeting management.

Our research indicates that people waste, on average, one day a month in unproductive meetings and that poor meeting management skills are one of the major factors.

Causes can be:

  • Meetings starting late
  • Not managing the agenda well
  • Lack of chairing skills to ensure everyone is involved
    • Meetings that are too long in duration.

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Think of the cost of this to your organisation

If one day per month is lost per member of staff

this could be hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted every week.

Effective Meeting Management

Meetings are a part of modern business life and according to surveys, the frequency of meetings is increasing year on year. If the meetings you attend are productive, they are energising – information is shared, ideas are shaped and projects move ahead.

You can commit today to improve meeting behaviour where you work.

 Watch this video for top tips on meeting management


Meeting Management Skills

Our Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Meetings


You’ve seen the video. Now download the Top 7 Tips on a PDF.


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Meeting Management E-learning Courses

Running and Chairing Meetings elearning click thruMinute Taking elearning click thru









Two e-learning courses that will enable you and your team to develop your meeting management  skills.

You can learn at your own pace, at a time convenient to your work schedule.

An effective Chair person will:

• Keep meetings to time
• Agree objectives for the meeting to keep everyone focused
• Write an objectives based agenda that enables everyone to plan and participate effectively
• Agree ground rules for each meeting
• Enable each person to contribute
• Manage constructive debate
• Summarise actions

An effective Minute Taker will:meeting management blog click thru

• Organise the attendees, meeting administration and meeting facilities
• Work with the Chair person to help communications
• Write notes that are clear and concise
• Produce accurate minutes

Take control of your meetings today and improve communications, morale and your bottom line.

With prices starting from £14.70 + VAT per licence, per person, this is learning that will provide you with an easily measured payback.

Meeting Management Ready Made Courses


Are you an experienced trainer or facilitator?

Buy ready made courses to run within your organisation again and again.

This is a very cost effective approach to training. You pay once and can run the programme as many times as you want.

There are no licence renewal fees or hidden costs.

Running and Chairing Meetings consists of 6 scenarios totalling 25 minutes and 3 seconds, so the facilitator or learner can dip in and use each session as required to develop meeting management skills.


Get more information on Ready Made Courses

Running and Chairing Meetings ready made course click thrumeeting minutes ready made course










Meeting Management Customer Reviews

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As a charity, the MND Association has to make effective use of every individuals time as every pound spent is a pound a fundraiser has had to work hard to earn.

The Association invested in training for key staff who Chair meetings.

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