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Training the Trainer Qualifications

Training the Trainer Qualifications in Partnership with ITOL

training the trainer course

What is a Train the Trainer Qualification?

Becoming a qualified trainer, facilitator, or coach is about capability and credibility.

There are many people out there describing themselves as trainers however, they have never learned the psychology of learning or techniques of facilitating groups.

They think training is about showing a group of learners a series of PowerPoint slides with bullet points and then reading the slides out to them.

Psychology research shows this to be the most ineffective way of training people.

trainer the trainer course qualification

By studying training the trainer qualifications underwritten by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL), you are proving your ability to create and deliver sessions that are learner focused and more likely to achieve the required results. As a result, you will become more confident and successful when delivering your sessions. By learning the best techniques and using them in your sessions, you will get the most from your learners.

Your credibility is enhanced by being able to use the letters MITOL (Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning) after your name once you have successfully completed your qualification.

ITOL Delivery Centre

The Development Company is an ITOL Delivery Centre. We offer a range of qualifications for trainers, coaches and facilitators in partnership with ITOL.

These train the trainer qualifications may involve additional online study and assignments. The focus of each programme is to provide practical skills and techniques that can be directly transferred to the workplace. We can deliver our qualifications in-company or virtually.

For details of the Certificate in Training and Development, please click on the course title.

Each qualification is designed by professional trainers within our company.

Training the Trainer Qualifications

Become a confident and successful trainer today. You will learn how to run training sessions effectively. You will learn how to stimulate each learning style so that you can get the best from your attendees. All qualifications are available as in-house or virtual programmes.

Foundation Certificate in Staff Development

This course is also available as a non-qualification based two-day course.

Certificate in Training and Development

This course is now available as an online qualification programme. By doing the course online, you will study at your own pace and dip in and out of the course when it suits you.

The programme is a learner-centred qualification.

Other Qualifications

We also deliver qualifications for facilitators and coaches. See our available courses below:

Facilitator Qualifications

training the trainer facilitator qualifications

The Certificate in Psychology for Learning Professionals is a qualification suitable for trainers who want to take their training to the next level of facilitation. Before you can attend The Advanced Certificate in Psychology, you must have already completed the Certificate level programme.

Certificate in Psychology for Learning Professionals

Advanced Certificate in Psychology for Learning Professionals

personal development coaching

Coaching Qualifications

Develop your coaching skills and become a qualified coach with our qualifications. The Foundation Certificate in Performance Coaching is ideal for line managers and anyone who is responsible for the work and performance of others. The Certificate in Coaching is suitable for trainers and learning professionals.

Foundation Certificate in Performance Coaching

Certificate in Coaching

After successful completion of any qualification, you will receive full ITOL membership.

Contact us for further information about each qualification.