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Training for Trainers Foundation Certificate in Staff Development


Training for trainers is essential to enable your trainers to get the best from their learners and to be able to train them not just in new skills but help them develop the right attitudes to support the organisational culture and values.

A qualification underwritten by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is essential. ITOL is a lead Institute in the UK and across the World for high quality training for trainers.

As the main partner of ITOL in the UK we design and deliver qualifications which are tailored to your specific training job roles.

This is a full foundation qualification programme and will provide your trainers with the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver training sessions and short courses in the workplace.

The course is very interactive. Trainers will be able to practise their session design and delivery skills in a safe environment.

This training for trainers qualification will enable those employed in training, assessment or vocational education to gain entry into the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as an Associate Member.

This qualification will prepare trainers so they can progress onto further professional programmes such as the Certificate in Training and Development and the Certificate in Psychology for Learning Professionals.

A maximum of 6 attendees can be accommodated with one facilitator on this programme.

This qualification occasionally runs as an open course but is more often tailored to run as an in-house programme.

Training for Trainers Foundation Certificate in Staff Development

Key Learning Outcomestraining for trainers at the flipchart

By the end of this programme attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the immediate learning needs of individuals
  • Write learning aims and objectives in accordance with best practice
  • Analyse tasks and design training activities to facilitate the learning of those tasks
  • Instruct on a one to one or small group basis using appropriate demonstration and constructive feedback skills
  • Facilitate a group training session which uses activities such as role play, simulation or group discussion
  • Assess and evaluate immediate learning.

Success Criteria

In order to qualify for the award of a training for trainers Foundation Certificate in Staff Development the attendee must:

  • Fully attend and complete the programme
  • Maintain an appropriate form of workbook or learning log which has been assessed as satisfactory by the lead tutor
  • Demonstrate their training skills during the programme to a satisfactory level against criteria specified by the lead tutor.

Duration: 2 days
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Open course price £700 (plus VAT) per person.

Open Course Location: Milton Keynes (Book a place on this training for trainers qualification)

Contact us for a quote for delivering this course in-company.

Course Timetable

(Each day runs from 09.00 to 17.00)

Day 1

09.00   Introductions and Course Admin

Icebreakertraining for trainers 1

Discussion about the Qualifications framework

Course objectives and timetable

How you will be assessed on this course

Learning log – Provision of and instruction on how to use in this course

How people learn

Maslow – Four stages of learning


Left brain and right brain thinking

Factors to take into consideration when helping people to learn


Use of the five senses

Identification of Training Needs

Identifying the needs of individuals

GAP analysis

Task Analysis

Methods of analysing tasks

Activity: To analyse a given task

Writing Aims and Objectivestraining for trainers 2

Aims versus objectives

   The 3 parts of a behavioural objective

   Processes for evaluating your objective

Training Delivery Skills

Introduction, Instruction, Summary

Instruction: Do a Bit; Check a Bit

What to include in the summary

Use of visual aids

What visuals can you use in your session?

Using a flipchart

Dos and Don’ts of Powerpoint

Electronic flipcharts


Day 2

Running Group Activities

Icebreakers and energisers

Case study

Role play

Group discussion


Small group work


Feedback Rules

Training Delivery Practise

Each attendee to prepare and deliver a short training session on a given subject or on a subject they have brought with them to the course. This session will be assessed against the certificate standards.

17.00   End of Programme

training for trainers 3

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