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Effective Meetings

How confident are you that you run effective meetings? Destructive arguments, poor attendee behaviour, lack of summarising and bad structure are the most common complaints people have given us as the result of poor chairing skills.

Our research has shown that each person can waste one day a month in unproductive meetings. Chairing skills are one of the major factors. Causes can be:

  • Meetings starting late
  • Not managing the agenda well
  • Lack of chairing skills to ensure everyone is involved
  • Meetings that are too long in duration.

Think of the cost of this to your organisation. If just one meeting per month is not an effective meeting and fails to achieve a result, this could become very costly over a year

This course will enable the Chairs of meetings to practise the skills of chairing so that they run effective meetings.

The course is built around a series of video scenarios which provide the trainer with case studies and discussion activities.

There is a full set of facilitator notes, all the handouts and activities and a set of visuals.

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Running and Chairing Effective Meetings Example Course Content

The Skills of an Effective Meeting Chair

  • Listening
  • Decision Making Methods
  • Questioning

Using the AgendaMeeting management click thru

Managing Groups

  • The Work of Wilfred Bion

Managing Conflict

  • Handling Different Personalities

Gaining Commitment

  • Using the Funnel Questioning Technique
  • Achieving Consensus

Working with the Minute Taker


Running and Chairing Effective Meetings Ready Made Course normal price

£499 plus carriage (£15 UK, contact us for overseas) and VAT.

Facilitator Notes, Handouts and Activities £251 plus VAT.

Special Offer held until end December 2020:

£499 plus VAT includes Facilitator Notes, Handouts and Activities

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Case Studies

As a charity, the MND Association has to make effective use of every individuals time as every pound spent is a pound a fundraiser has had to work hard to earn so effective meetings are essential.

The Association invested in training for key staff who Chair meetings.

“It gave me something new to offer our experienced managers.”

John Bruce, Learning & Development Manager

MNDA Charity Logo

“The DVD helped to illustrate the topics discussed during the day. It enabled us to see how the issues discussed might happen in action, whilst avoiding potentially embarassing role playing activities!”

Malayka Rahman, Research Officer

Asthma UK

“With clear concise information, excellent examples, useful definitions and a range of scenarios, The Development Company’s films are a vital tool for anyone who attends meetings.

Professionally filmed and with accompanying facilitator’s notes, activities and handouts, they could easily form the basis of your next team training day, so that everyone in your organisation can learn the appropriate skills to be able to minute, run and chair effective meetings.”

Angela Garry

P.A. to Principal – Nottingham University Samworth Academy

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