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Assertiveness is a skill we can all benefit from.

At some point during our careers and personal life, we are faced with situations which involve a difficult person. Whether it be someone who is dominant, in authority or generally demanding, there will be times when you can’t do anything other than give in to them. You may otherwise find yourself being drawn into a situation that ends negatively, that you would prefer to manage differently.

This inability to handle the situation can stop you from achieving your own goals and can leave you feeling inadequate, stressed and angry.

This Assertiveness Skills course identifies the behaviour patterns that lead to these scenarios. You will practise new ways to handle people so that you will feel in control in difficult situations. The content of this Assertiveness Skills course is designed around a model of behaviour which helps each delegate attending to understand their current behaviour and choose an alternative to fit the situation they find themselves in.

Who should attend:

Directors, managers, executives and all staff whose job role requires them to interact effectively and to use assertiveness with others.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify behaviours in yourself and others that lead to non-assertive behaviour
  • Use a variety of assertiveness skills to deal with people
  • Manage both aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Project your own authority in an assertive way
  • Gain confidence in group situations
  • Learn how to influence difficult people to ensure positive gains for all

Here’s what recent participants have said about this course:

“I’m just writing to say how much I got from your Assertiveness Skills course yesterday. I love your training style and the way you adapted the material to our situation. Thanks.” – Barbara Sowter, Sales Office Manager, Dodson & Horrell Limited

“I really enjoyed the course so much and I have recommended your courses to our training department as it was so practical.” – Sian Reeves, National Account Managers, Saxby Bros Ltd

“I’d like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for the Assertiveness Skills course as it has resulted in me passing my driving test. I was absolutely insistent that I’d pass, and I did. I am so happy. Also, thank you for sending me my TA write up. It’s almost perfect.” – Emma Jones, Gamble Manufacturing Group

“Thank you for your time last week. I found it an informative course, and it has highlighted a couple of areas I need to be more aware of and that I need to concentrate on, which, as you say, may conflict with my natural instincts, but will be to my benefit in the long run.” – Michael Mainwaring, Carlsberg

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  1. Sharon McCarthy says:

    Following a promotion at work, I found myself managing colleagues, most if not all, older than myself. I had worked with some, carrying out the same role for many years prior and now needed to lead by example. As well as basking in the glows, I also had to discuss performance issues as a group and on an individual basis. This one day course, helped to instil skills in myself to tackle the difficult situations that were facing me. The course was facilitated by Kay who made everyone feel relaxed from start to finish. Everyone’s comments and experiences were valuable and above insightful.

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