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What makes you happy? Happiness is something I’ve thought about a lot recently. I attended an Action for Happiness course, and we discussed being happy again during a recent retreat. If we can understand what truly makes us happy, we tend to be more resilient, more mindful, more adaptable, and more successful in life. I […]

Many of us feel uneasy when it comes down to financial matters.  If you are a Manager struggling to understand finance reporting, this may make that part of the management meeting when ‘Finance’ is on the agenda awkward for you.  Or maybe it’s a challenge to know what to do when you’re looking at our […]

Who makes sure you grow? Julie Cooper shares how Masterminding for trainers can help us grow. It’s a funny old job, being a trainer.  On the one hand, we’re around people a lot, but on the other it’s quite solitary. There is rarely a boss watching how I deliver. Delegates are not colleagues, they are […]

Leaders often try to hide their weaknesses. It is a common mistake to believe that you have to appear infallible, especially to members of staff. Some leaders correct their own errors without realising that learning from errors is what great leaders do. Whilst it may be understandable why some leaders want people to perceive them […]

I love discussing films with friends, and appreciating what different messages, metaphors and meanings people get from the watching the ‘same’ film. I’m sharing a few films that come to mind. My first horror film experience was as child, watching ‘An American Werewolf in London’. I remember saying to my family ‘How do we know […]

Every learning and development person gets them…the difficult delegates, the disruptive learners who don’t wish to be at a learning event.  It shocks us, as most learning professionals are striving to be the best they can be, and so we don’t understand why anyone given the opportunity to progress wouldn’t want to take it with […]

Do you remember my story of my work experience with The Development Company?  Here is a link to my first blog about my 8 weeks’ work experience in 2016, and this is my story now. Upon finishing my work experience in February 2016, I was fortunate enough to secure two weeks temporary work as a […]

Could your workday be better with more cake? It seems a lot of people choose to be unhappy at work nowadays. Facebook posts talk of Wednesday being the ‘hump’ day, and Twitter uses the #Mondaymotivation to provide a pick-me-up for the start of the working week. It seems our workday is not seen as part […]

Leadership Qualities and Training Design  What have leadership qualities got to do with training design, I hear you ask? An effective learning practitioner realises that their role is that of a leader so they need leadership qualities in order to create the design for an effective training session. I am sharing this leadership model with you […]

Learning versus Training This blog will look at: What learner centred learning is How it differs from trainer centred learning There is also an ebook giveaway at the end of the blog. Introduction Let’s start by what used to happen…  Back in the day… Training was about instructing people. They needed to learn the right […]