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Could your workday be better with more cake? It seems a lot of people choose to be unhappy at work nowadays. Facebook posts talk of Wednesday being the ‘hump’ day, and Twitter uses the #Mondaymotivation to provide a pick-me-up for the start of the working week. It seems our workday is not seen as part […]

Leadership Qualities and Training Design  What have leadership qualities got to do with training design, I hear you ask? An effective learning practitioner realises that their role is that of a leader so they need leadership qualities in order to create the design for an effective training session. I am sharing this leadership model with you […]

Learning versus Training This blog will look at: What learner centred learning is How it differs from trainer centred learning There is also an ebook giveaway at the end of the blog. Introduction Let’s start by what used to happen…  Back in the day… Training was about instructing people. They needed to learn the right […]

This is my final post about employee engagement at LifeSearch – everyone’s a leader. If we could bottle the culture here, every organisation would have staff achieving their true potential. I am passionate about leadership, and I think there is a shortage of great leaders. In a world where we’ve reduced our jobs and companies […]

Learning Styles are Important It’s the weekend and you’re at home. You decide to do some of those household jobs that you’ve been putting off for a while. You decide to start with the dripping tap in the bathroom. It’s been a while since you changed a washer and this particular tap is one of those […]

Fear of failure is the biggest obstacle to success.  It stops you from moving forward, from realising your full potential and from pursuing your dream, your purpose.  Purpose is part of who you are, however it’s still possible to supress it with fear. Often failure is seen as weak, but could failure be not trying?  […]

Managers are the biggest blockage to staff doing their jobs effectively, according to a survey carried out by The Development Company. The responses to the question ‘What gets in the way of staff doing their jobs effectively?’ were: 72% of respondents said Poor Managers 17% said recruitment skills shortages meant their staff didn’t have enough trained […]

Training is going through a bit of a change at the moment. With IT producing some cutting edge services, all it takes is some motivation from the learners and the training revolution will take off. Louise Plant reports from the Association of Talent Development, TechKnowledge 2017 Expo in Las Vegas (well someone had to go!). […]

Motivation Cards can Help Develop your Staff This blog is based on how one organisation is using motivation cards to make a difference in how staff are managed, developed and coached. How do we identify what motivates our people? It’s the age old thing that every person who manages people wants to know. I mean, […]