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A Typical Interview Skills Course

Interview Skills Course

For an interview skills course to be effective it needs five elements to be present:

interview skills ready made
  1. An appeal to all learning styles. Underpinning research and psychology should support the techniques being trained. There needs to be the opportunity to reflect on the skills and techniques. Learners need practise, feedback and then more practise. The course needs to relate to the real world.
  2. Relevance to the organisation’s live processes, documentation and procedures.
  3. The practise of the skills and techniques to be as real as possible.
  4. Each learner to be assessed against an agreed level of competency.
  5. Well researched and relevant content.

Interview Skills Course – A Suggested Outline

The focus for the Interview Skills course needs to be everyone who is going to carry out a recruitment interview or a selection interview. The process of interviewing is so open to unconscious bias that it is only fair that all recruiters receive the full training.

Suggested Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Produce a person specification which matches task and culture
    interview skills interviewee Steph1
  • Design behavioural interviewing questions
  • Use critical incident questioning
  • Effectively use the behavioural interviewing techniques to obtain evidence of a candidate’s past behaviour in a given situation
  • Use an assessment process which provides objective, unbiased results.

Many learners need to see skills and techniques in action before they try them out for themselves. We use our own professional film scenarios which we scripted and created to illustrate different aspects of this skill set.

Each Interview Skills course needs to be built around these filmed interview scenarios so that you can learn the skills of interviewing by watching how it is done before you practise.

The course also needs to provide real interview practise. Role play just doesn’t work when learning how to develop your interview skills.

Interview Skills Course Filmed Scenarios

Watch a sample from one of the videos

Watch other video samples from this collection

interview skills youtube samples

Interview Skills Course – Practise and Feedback

It is a good idea for you to run practise interviews in interview rooms and then film each interview so you can provide feedback after the interview as finished.

You will find that each learner will benefit from carrying out at least two practise interviews. The greatest learning on the course will happen during the feedback session after the first practise interview.

Please select an option below for more information

What is behavioural interviewing?

Find out what behavioural interviewing is and how the questioning process works.

interview skills training what is

Behavioural Interviewing Training

We can tailor a behavioural interviewing course for you to fit your internal processes and documentation.

Find out more about how this works.

interview skills behavioural interviewing training how

Accredited Training

We can accredit any of the training we provide for you.

This will show that your people have been trained to an agreed standard.

Each course certificate is produced by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

interview skills behavioural interview training accredited

Behavioural Interviewing Accreditation Case Study

An example of how we created accredited training for Gloucestershire Constabulary.

behavioural interviewing training accreditation

Assessor Skills

A very effective way of identifying the right people for the job is to design and run an Assessment Centre.

Learn the skills you need to create and run effective assessment processes with this in-company tailored programme.

 behavioural interview training assessor

Behavioural Interviewing Skills – Courses and Resources

Online Learning

Online learning courses for the recruiter and also for candidates who want to be well prepared for their interview.

online learning recruitment interview
online learning job interview skills

Ready Made Courses

Our well-known ready made courses in a box for Recruitment Interview Techniques and for Job Interview Skills.

Each ready made course course comes with all your facilitator notes, handouts and activities plus a full set of video scenarios.

interviewing skills training ready made
interviewing skills training JIS ready made course

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