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Assessor Skills

We have been praised for our pragmatic and easily transferable assessor skills training. Our trainers have both run assessment and development centers and hence they facilitate on an experience basis.

Research shows that using an assessment centre gives a 68% chance of selecting the right person for the job. It also indicates that if assessors were trained in full to understand the skills of assessing, this % would be much higher.

This course can be adapted to both assessment for development centres as well as for recruitment assessment centres.

This is a pragmatic learning workshop, based on the needs of each course attendee.

Who should attend?

Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, HRD professionals and anyone who assesses staff for recruitment or development.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Understand what a competency is and what it looks like
  • Apply techniques of assessing using a flexible but objective approach
  • Build self-confidence through real plays
  • Understand the group dynamics of the assessor group
  • Facilitate the assessor group to enable objectivity
  • Identify areas of personal strength and areas for further development

Because this is a course built around the learning needs of the individuals attending, the timetable is ‘open’ and can therefore match whatever requirements course participants agree upon.

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