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job interview skills monica 1 Job Interview Skills

People will only get a chance to practise their job interview skills when they are being interviewed for real.

You need to provide Job Interview Skills training beforehand to prepare them so they can give of their best at the interview.

This course will provide you with everything you need to train your people so they are well prepared at their next job interview.

Good preparation will include obtaining a job description and person specification on the job they are applying for, preparing examples which fit the skills and behaviours required and preparing good quality questions to ask the interviewers.

Job Interview Skills Training  – What you get in the box

This training course consists of  facilitator notes, handouts, activities and visual slides together with 8 video scenarios which provide case studies and discussion exercises focused on the interview candidate at each stage of the interview process.

You can adapt the facilitator notes to run a one day course, a two day course, a series of short burst training sessions (we call them Acorns), a seminar or as part of a one to one development programme.

The video scenarios used within the course are all filmed using professional actors and a full film crew. All the  films are about life within Barton International and are scripted by trainers who are experts in their subject matter.

job interview skills monica 2Example Course Content

Look at your life

  • Your core skills, your strengths and your development areas
  • Setting your life goals

Your CV

  • Planning the content
  • Your achievements
  • CV Layout
  • Covering letters

Job Analysis

  • Job description
  • Person specification
  • Competencies and behaviours
  • Using STAR to prepare for the interview

Managing the Interview

  • Types of interview and how to prepare
  • Questions to ask
  • Answering behaviour based questions
  • Answering hypothetical questions

interviewing tips for interviewees

For more tips for interviewees click on the link below to visit

job interview skills business balls link


Job Interview Skills Ready Made Course

This ready made course includes example CV formats, example job descriptions and person specifications, plus example cover letters.

At £450 plus carriage and VAT, Job Interview Skills provides you with a value added course which you can use again and again.

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