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Interviewing Skills Training

Interviewing Skills Training for Interviewers

interviewing skills training ten key behaviours for interviewers

The most used selection process in recruitment and selection is the interview and the most common type of interview used is the unstructured interview.

The unstructured interview is an interview where the interviewer has received no training on how to prepare and conduct a selection interview.

Yet the consequences of getting it wrong are enormous:

  • Wrong person in the job
  • Bad customer care
  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of key staff

Interviewing Skills Training

You need to provide your people with interviewing skills training so that they use the most up-to-date techniques available to gather the information they need to make an effective decision about each candidate.

We train people using behavioural interviewing skills training.

This style of interviewing uses the psychology of human behaviour as a base. People are creatures of habit and are likely to replicate their behaviours. So if a person has behaved in a certain way in the past in a certain situation, then there is a probability they will behave in a similar way in the future given a similar situation.

Behavioural Interviewing

What behavioural Interviewing is and how the questioning process works.

interviewing skills training

Interviewing Skills Training for Interviewers

You have three options available:

  • Online Recruitment Interview Techniques Course
  • Recruitment Interviewing Techniques Ready Made Course
  • Tailored Recruitment Interviewing Skills Training
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Online Recruitment Interview Techniques Course

A fully interactive e-learning course with downloadable handouts and additional materials.

Work through the course at your own pace. Use the course as a checklist of things you need to do to get your recruitment and selection interviewing right every time you run a recruitment campaign. Just click on the image to the right for more information.

A single 90 day single user licence is only £49 plus VAT. You will have access to the course as many times as you like during the licence period. Contact us for bulk purchase discounts.

Recruitment Interview Techniques Ready Made Course
interviewing skills training ready made

This is the full course in a box. It contains trainer notes, handouts, all activities and a full set of video scenarios so that the learners can observe how it all works.

Any experienced trainer can prepare and run a very effective one or two-day course using this resource.

There are no additional licence fees to pay once the resource has been purchased.

Tailored Course Design and Delivery

So if you don’t have in-house professional trainers or your trainers are too busy to take this on. No worries. We will tailor your interviewing skills training to work with your procedures and documentation.

We will then provide you with a professionally qualified trainer who has personal experience in recruiting people. They will run the course at your location.

Call us or click on the links below for more information. Alternatively, complete the contact form.

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A Typical Interviewing Course

This will give you an idea of the in-house course content which we will tailor to your requirements.

interviewing skills training course

Accredited Interviewing Skills Training

Interviewing is a process that has to be carried out professionally. The implications of getting it wrong can be very expensive. So, you need to consider accrediting your interviewing skills training.

Attendees will have to achieve an agreed standard in order to be “qualified” to carry out interviews.

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning underwrites and assesses the accreditation.

Call us or click on the links below for more information, then complete the contact form and we will call you back.

accredited courses

Behavioural Interviewing Accreditation Case Study

An example of how we created accredited training for Gloucestershire Constabulary.

behavioural interviewing skills training

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are currently the most accurate way of identifying the right candidate for the job if used alongside a behavioural interview.

Find out more about how your assessors can be professionally trained to observe objectively and make evidence-based decisions.

Assessor Skills

Learn the skills you need to create and run effective assessment processes. Talk to us today about an in-company tailored programme.

assessor skills

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