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This is part three of my story of employee engagement at LifeSearch – an organisation that knows it’s why (see part 2) and uses situational leadership to enable people to do the what. This series of blogs are exploring what we can all learn to benefit from employee engagement. Quotes are from Anthony Andreoli, Adviser […]

This is part two of my story of employee engagement at LifeSearch – an amazing company doing amazing things. LifeSearch is not a client of mine, I’ve never worked for them, and I’m not their client. I became interested in their culture through the words, energy and engagement of Facebook posts of Anthony Andreoli, who […]

Employee engagement is high on the agenda for all organisations nowadays. When an employee is engaged, they perform better, and they have more peak experiences at work. They also tell others of their engagement. Facebook posts of a friend of mine, Anthony Andreoli, intrigued me enough to ask him if I could meet to find […]

Developing effective networking skills is a core skill  for any professional, whether you are self-employed or employed.  Thanks to Paul Green of NN Connect – who has shared his tips on networking with us. He shares 3 further tips in Part Two… Building on the last article, here are some more shared thoughts on how to […]

Networking is a core skill to develop for any professional, whether you are self-employed or employed.  Paul Green of NN Connect shares his top tips on networking with us. This is part one – Paul will share three tips for effective networking with us… Given my experience of networking over the last 15 years, I thought you […]

Hello, my name is Julia! I am a year 12 student at Northampton Academy, and I got the chance to complete two weeks of work experience with The Development Company. When I first came to the interview I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that the business was local but that they trained people all […]

What is Coaching? When people hear the word “Coach” or “Coaching” they usually think of sport. That can often cause confusion as many so called sports coaches are actually sports trainers. So people can see coaching as training people with skills to make them better at doing something – which would be an incorrect definition. […]

My Work Experience at The Development Company   My work experience at The Development Company was very welcoming from the beginning. As soon as you walk in and start working it feels comfortable. My days were arranged to suit both me and them and the times were acceptable and suitable working hours. I achieved what I […]

A more considered leader part three Background to this Leadership article… The true satisfaction for any trainer is finding out that someone you have facilitated has truly changed their behaviour. I ran a twelve month, modular management development programme for TGW Group in 2014 to 2015 and I am still delighted to hear that the […]