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What is Coaching? When people hear the word “Coach” or “Coaching” they usually think of sport. That can often cause confusion as many so called sports coaches are actually sports trainers. So people can see coaching as training people with skills to make them better at doing something – which would be an incorrect definition. […]

My Work Experience at The Development Company   My work experience at The Development Company was very welcoming from the beginning. As soon as you walk in and start working it feels comfortable. My days were arranged to suit both me and them and the times were acceptable and suitable working hours. I achieved what I […]

A more considered leader part three Background to this Leadership article… The true satisfaction for any trainer is finding out that someone you have facilitated has truly changed their behaviour. I ran a twelve month, modular management development programme for TGW Group in 2014 to 2015 and I am still delighted to hear that the […]

A more Considered Leader part two Background to this Leadership article… The reason why I do the job I do…it’s to enable people to be the best they can be. I always learn about myself with every group, every individual I work with. Being an effective trainer requires effort, being able to manage constructive feedback, […]

Leadership Styles – Background to this article… I’m an external facilitator and I hear a lot about the effects of my facilitation. When we talk about getting a Return on Investment (ROI), it’s not just about figures – the real ROI is enabling someone to change their behaviour. I was thrilled to get a testimonial from […]

Many of our clients are HR Managers, Learning & Development Managers and/or Business Owners. The key issues for all businesses in 2016 and beyond include: key skills shortages, especially digital skills employee engagement and succession planning. This is the story of a young Northamptonshire college leaver who has spent 6 months looking for a job […]

Creating a Motivational Culture The Eternal Challenge – motivating your people. Motivation. What works with some appears to have the opposite effect with others. Motivation is one of the biggest challenges facing people managers today. So let’s explore this subject and create some practical outcomes together. Motivation Myths 1. Carrot or Stick? This is probably […]

I met with a recently appointed Manager today – he talked about the costs of meetings to his department. He said there can be up to 8 experienced and costly programmers sitting in a 2 hour meeting. He has noticed attendees looking at their watches, as the meeting drags on, dominated by issues interesting to maybe […]

The theme of part 6 is the importance of full body listening and being brave – negotiating with a learner who is disrupting the learning of others. Trying to impress the audience by showing up extra knowledge beyond scope of the course. Responding to audience tendency of discussing irrelevant or marginal issues and leaving the […]