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Repertory Grid For Job Analysis and Review

This one-day course looks at an objective method of job analysis and job reviews. It is ideal for HR staff who are revamping their present appraisal and review method, or for Managers who feel their present approach needs a fresh approach. The exercises will enable delegates to clarify the tasks and behaviours crucial to the success of a given job.

Who should attend?

HRD professionals, Managers, Directors: anyone who requires an understanding of an objective method of job evaluation.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Analyse a job in terms of task and performance
  • Apply the method to assess the knowledge, skills and experience to perform effectively in a given job role
  • Analyse the experience of existing staff for benchmarking
  • Plan the development of existing staff using constructs of behaviour
  • Understand how to obtain critical incidents to apply to the competency framework

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