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Appraisee Skills

Many staff do not understand their role in the performance review/annual appraisal and often they feel that it is an opportunity for their managers to ‘have a go’. Research has shown that if your people are trained in their role in the review, both the effectiveness of performance review systems and individual motivation are increased.

Appraisee Skills Course Content:

  • The purpose of the performance review
  • Your role in the review: planning and preparation
  • Putting a case together: adding value, cost benefit analysis, payback
  • Giving and receiving feedback: how to package what you say
  • Agreeing goals to develop

Training method:

Training will be a mixture of theory input, discussion groups and syndicate group work using video cameos. Each course participant will receive a folder with handouts as reference following the course.

Suggested course outline:

  • Course introduction
    Icebreaker and introductions
  • The Purpose of the Performance Review
    A discussion regarding what’s in it for me?
  • Planning
    What do I want?
    Life Planning
  • Feedback
    Video: Feedback Techniques (Fenman)
    Being specific
    Applying feedback to motivate
    Activity: Feedback practice
    Activity: Listening skills
  • Objectives
    Agreeing objectives for your future
  • Questions and Summary

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