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Behavioural Interviewing

Behavioural Interviewing Accreditation Case Study

Gloucestershire Constabulary

Gloucestershire Constabulary were looking for behavioural interviewing training for police and staff across the whole organisation. Their goal was to ensure that all selection interviews, both internal and external, would conform to current best practice techniques.

They also wanted to provide Job Interview Skills training for internal people who would be applying for jobs and promotions.

Behavioural Interviewing Training Outline

The training outline agreed with Gloucestershire Constabulary was a package consisting of:

  • Interviewee training course (1 day)
  • Interviewer training course (1 day)
  • A one day of interviewing practise for both groups
behavioural interview skills training JIS ready made course

Interviewee Training

It should give internal interviewees the same opportunities in how they perform during a behavioural interviewing selection process.

Gloucestershire Constabulary people are all trained in how to answer behavioural questions and to give clear examples of behaviour from their recent past.

We train them to respond to the same techniques which are being trained to their interviewers.

The training is based around a set of video scenarios produced by The Development Company Limited. The videos show examples of how to respond to questions when in a behavioural interviewing situation.

Interviewer Training

behavioural interviewing skills training ready made

We train interviewers in how to prepare suitable questions for the candidates and how to ask probing questions to get to the behavioural evidence.

The training is based around a set of video scenarios produced by The Development Company Limited to show examples of how to ask questions when in a behavioural interviewing situation and also how to probe to get to the best quality evidence.

Behavioural Interviewing Practise

On the third day of training, both we bring together the interviewers and the interviewees for a day of practise interviews. The interviews are filmed so feedback can be given.

The film of the final interview of the day for each interviewer is taken away for final assessment so that successful interviewers can be awarded an accreditation certificate by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. This shows that they have performed at the agreed standard.

Behavioural Interviewing Accreditation

Gloucestershire Constabulary shows they take the interviewing and selection process seriously. They require all interviewers to reach the required standard before they can carry out interviews and make decisions which will affect the careers of their people and will also affect the effectiveness of the constabulary.

Behavioural Interviewing Rob Priddy

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