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Behavioural Interviewing Training

How Does Behavioural Interviewing Training Work?

Behavioural interviewing is a method used to interview job candidates which ensures the control of the interview is always with the interviewer.

You will ask candidates specific questions about things they have done in the past and what their behaviour was.

This will be a reasonable predictor of their behaviour in the future, given a similar situation.

ten key behaviours for behavioural interviewers ebook

For more information on this process, please click on this link: What is Behavioural Interviewing?

The Course Structure

A good Behavioural Interviewing Training course will consist of two parts:

Phase 1 of the programme will providing the course attendees with the skills of analysing the requirements of the job, analysing what type of person is required and designing and practicing the behavioural questioning techniques.

Phase 2 consists of practise interviews, with each course attendee carrying out two real play interviews. Each interview will be filmed and then played back so that in-depth feedback can be given.

A good behavioural interviewing training course will involve attendees carrying out two ‘real play’ interviews each as our experience has shown that a lot of learning occurs during the first video feedback session. That means a large jump in performance is obtained if individuals have another go.behavioural interviewing training1

Real versus Role Play

Role play just doesn’t work when giving course attendees some skill practise time. Behavioural interviewing can only be practised using real questions which are being answered by real people talking about actual experiences.

So we use a practise method which we call “real play”. Nothing is role played by anyone so attendees get what effectively is “live” experience using this skill whilst they are still on the course.

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A Typical Course

This will give you an idea of the in-house course content which we will tailor to your requirements.

behavioural interviewing training typical

Behavioural Interviewing

What behavioural Interviewing is and how the questioning process works.

behavioural interviewing training what is

Accredited Training

We can accredit any of the training we provide for you.

This will show that your people have been trained to an agreed standard.

Each course certificate is produced by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

behavioural interviewing training accredited

Behavioural Interviewing Accreditation Case Study

An example of how we created accredited training for Gloucestershire Constabulary.

behavioural interviewing training accreditation

Assessor Skills

A very effective way of identifying the right people for the job is to design and run an Assessment Centre.

Learn the skills you need to create and run effective assessment processes with this in-company tailored programme.

behavioural interviewing training assessor