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Management Development Case Studies

Hamilton House is a mailing house which sells mailing lists of schools, businesses and a variety of organisations. They work closely with clients to maximise mailing response.

The company is expanding and the company in positions of management had no formal training or experience of managing more than one or two people each; hence this business management training skills programme was commissioned to prepare the company for this expansion.

Seven one day modules, one module being run each month, was the Hamilton House Modular Management Programme (August 2002 to January 2003).

Module 1 – Programme Start Up and Introduction to Management

This module helped the delegates get into the programme by analysing their preferred learning style. This helped delegates understanding one of the most important aspects of coaching their staff as well as enabling the tutor to tailor the programme to their preference of doing, understanding the theory, reflection and putting it into practise. We also looked at options for managing along with delegates preferred management style.

Module 2 – Managing People

This module used established management understanding about how to motivate people and create respect from the workforce. Issues such as empowerment, objective setting, delegation and leadership were discussed and established questionnaires were used to enable delegates to reflect on their own working styles.

Module 3 – Managing Yourself

We based this module on the mantra that ‘managing yourself is very important: if you can’t manage yourself then it is more difficult to manage others’.

The module is developed around a model of personality which enables each individual to understand why they do the things they do and why they find other people either easy or difficult to get on with. Each delegate completes a personality questionnaire which is analysed by the tutor. Established interpersonal skills tools were then introduced to help the delegates deal with difficult people and different situations.

Module 4 – Managing a Team

Building the right team can be difficult, but when a team is working well together conflict is managed positively and the performance of the team improves. Using a well established Team Working model delegates identified their own preferred role within a team and examined how different roles interact both positively and negatively.

Module 5 – Managing Performance

This module covered the key skill of managing; assessing the performance of others in order to maximise productivity and develop staff. Feedback techniques, listening, questioning, body language, summarising and balancing praise with constructive criticism were topics. Agreeing objectives and measures gave delegates pragmatic tools to use in the development of their staff, team and department.

Module 6 – Negotiating Skills

We focused on the ‘win/win’ style of negotiating, combined with Gavin Kennedy’s theory that ‘everything is negotiable. The core skills of planning, preparing, understanding the larger picture, trading and bargaining were practised using role play negotiations. Delegates were given feedback on their strengths and further areas for development.

Module 7 – Time Management and Programme Review

A session on time management techniques and best practice, including prioritising between the urgent and the important, was the final session of the programme. The afternoon was dedicated to the review of the programme and an evaluation of learning to date. Delegates reviewed this through small and main group work. This module will also identify other outstanding areas of development need and pointed the way forward for a team who had developed throughout this programme.

Feedback letter from a satisfied client:

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for the additional information you sent through. I have passed it on to Jane, thanks also for the book list.

I must say that all concerned really enjoyed the 7 sessions and I am sure they have learnt something. One area I have noticed is an increase in confidence, I am watching Chris and Kathy now talking through a problem like ‘real managers’ something that would not have happened before.

On a personal note, the course allowed me to understand a lot about the behaviour and actions of both my colleagues and myself and armed with this and some useful techniques. It gives a good basis in helping with many of those day to day business issues.

Thanks again for all your help and I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to others.


Stephen Mister, Managing Director, Hamilton House Mailings

Carlson Marketing Group

Supervisory/Management skills

A two day supervisory development workshop focusing on areas such as delegate’s preferred management style and its implications, interpersonal skills to maximise your relationship with managers and staff, coaching people to develop their full potential, setting motivating objectives and understanding the need for trust.

Thoroughly enjoyable course. The trainer made you feel comfortable and happy to participate in role activities. This course not only gives you the confidence and enthusiasm to manage and motivate your team, it also gives you valuable insights into effective communication skills not just to be used professionally, but in your everyday life too.

– Joanne Hamilton, Carlson Marketing Group

I attended the Supervisory Development course run by Kay Buckby. I would like to say that she is a fantastic trainer who sticks to the teams own objectives and creates a very positive training environment.

– Sarah Chrispin, Carlson Marketing Group

Carlson has used The Development Company for over 2 years now in all their training courses. Kay and Adrian’s approach is superb, very relaxed but fun and informative. Both Kay and Adrian go out of their way to tailor each course for Carlson and this has produced excellent results within the company.

– Jenny Robertson Training Carlson Marketing Group

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