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Learning Styles are Important

It’s the weekend and you’re at home. You decide to do some of those household jobs that you’ve been putting off for a while.

You decide to start with the dripping tap in the bathroom.

It’s been a while since you changed a washer and this particular tap is one of those trendy lever taps.

You have a feeling that this is not a simple washer change.

What do you do next?

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Learning Styles – The Options

Let me guess your answer?learning taps

Most of you said “YouTube” or “Google it”.

Some of you said “Dismantle the tap and work it out.

Some of you might visit the manufacturers website and some of you might take a photo to your local hardware store for advice.

The most interesting part of this is that we will not all do the same thing. We will choose different ways of learning.

Learning Differences

Learning is not the same for everyone.

So when you are putting together some training or a learning experience for a group of people you need to use this understanding as part of your design.

Here are some tips to help you create a more effective learning experience.


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Learning Design and Delivery

  1. Do more than just deliver theory. A passive learning experience results in little or no learning taking place.
  2. Keep moving from learning style to learning style. That way you are more likely to keep the interest going
  3. Involve the learners as much as you can. Learner centred learning is more effective than trainer centred learning.
  4. People will have a preferred learning style however they probably need a bit of each style for the learning to make the right connections in their brains.
  5. Nothing beats “having a go”. Make sure that at some point during the learning you include a practical learning style.
  6. Review the learning experience with your learners a few weeks after the event and find out if you gave them enough for their preferred learning style to respond.

Adrian Green

Adrian is a professional trainer, facilitator and coach.


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