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Negotiation Skills

What is Negotiation?

negotiation skills

Negotiation involves movement from the first offer each party makes to a common position they are prepared to settle at. The most appropriate way to discover that a common solution is to negotiate by trading with the other parties.

A skilled negotiator improves their performance to the extent that they cease conceding unilaterally and become skilled in trading.

Negotiation Skills Training

Who should attend?

Anyone whose role requires them to negotiate with customers, suppliers and others.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the concept of ‘win/win’ negotiation
  • Plan and prepare your negotiations
  • Use a range of negotiating skills to close deals effectively and avoid deadlock
  • Develop your negotiating skills to work with tradables and conditions

Negotiation Skills Course Content:

  • Preparing for the negotiation – get your strategy right
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Questioning the other party
  • Making acceptable proposals
  • Achieving a conclusion beneficial to both parties

This negotiation training workshop uses video cameos showing typical negotiating situations to highlight good and bad tactics. It is a highly participative course, based around the needs of each individual attending.

We can tailor the course to any industry, sector or need. Examples of tailoring are:

  • Industrial Relations Negotiating
  • Building and Construction Industry Negotiations
  • Negotiating with Trade Unions
  • Public sector negotiations
  • University funding negotiating

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