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Feedback Skills

Performance management is an essential part of any manager’s role and a vital skill in communicating standards of performance, change, praise and constructive criticism is feedback. Effective feedback ensures there is a shared understanding of the level of performance, and how that can continue or be enhanced.

This course looks at the role of feedback in the performance management cycle: participants will develop their confidence in giving feedback via a range of activities and role plays.

Who should attend?

Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers: anyone who manages staff and would like to refresh their feedback skills.

Typically, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the role of feedback in managing the performance of staff
  • Develop your feedback skills for application in a variety of situations
  • Communicate with people in a positive manner using assertive body language and listening skills
  • Communicate with all people in a way which matches the receivers’ preferred communication style
  • Go away with an action plan with areas for personal development

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