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This is an online training administration course.

6 x 2 hours as online sessions. Between sessions you will implement the learning in your live environment.

Tailored to your needs

Suggested Learning Outcomes

To use the development cycle to identify your organisation’s approach to it in terms of how you identify learning and development needs, capacity plan for mandatory training and implement a range of learning and development solutions.

  • To be able to describe the different stages of the development cycle and be able to apply it to what you do within your role
  •  To be able to follow and execute your internal processes related to the development cycle consistently and accurately
  •  To identify how your  role adds value to the development cycle and the solutions that are put in place in your organsation
  •  To analyse processes and working methods within your team and be able to suggest improvements
  •  To apply learner needs related to diversity and inclusion in your work and how learners learn through a variety of methods and solution

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