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This is one of the most versatile management training tools ever created.

The Management Behaviour Cards are designed to enable trainers to work with real behaviour rather than the hypothetical or theoretical.

Activities included:

  • Icebreakers
  • Action planning
  • 360 Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Team development

8 Activities + more online

51 different cards (plus 5 blanks)

4 Packs of cards


Play the video to see how versatile the Management Cards are:


There are additional activities available by scanning the QR code on the reverse of the activities booklet.

The cards are contained in a robust carry case which holds the activities manual and 4 packs  so you have enough for working with break out groups.

They are most suited to management trainers and coaches. Coaching clients can be given a set of the cards to work with between sessions.

Replacement packs are just £23 + VAT per pack

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