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Creating a Motivational Culture

The Eternal Challenge – motivating your people.

Motivation. What works with some appears to have the opposite effect with others. Motivation is one of the biggest challenges facing people managers today.

So let’s explore this subject and create some practical outcomes together.

Motivation Myths

1. Carrot or Stick?

This is probably the oldest myth of all. Feed them or beat them!

Where’s the motivation in either of those options?

Do you want to work only out of fear or desperate need?

2. Treat Everyone the Same

Is that really fair? Are we all the same? Do we all have the same needs and wants? Do we all share the same life situations and circumstances?

3. Leave Your Home Life at the Door

Oh, well that makes it much easier now doesn’t it? We can also go back to option 2!

4. Keep Them Under Pressure

Great idea. We can just push them until they burn out and then replace them with someone else.

5. Tell Them What to Do and How to Do It

A great way to stop people thinking. Then they don’t need to be motivated do they?

Motivation Management

Over to You

So those are the myths. What are the answers then?

Well here is my take on the subject.

I train a lot of people to be managers and I never tell them how they should motivate their people.


Because I don’t know…

…I’m only the management trainer

What are Your Thoughts?

I am keen to find out what you think motivates your people.

I will publish the results on my blog provided you can be motivated to give your ideas to me.

Use the “Comments” box below. Your comments won’t appear immediately as they have to be moderated to get rid of all the spammy stuff.

In the Meantime…

Whilst you are deep in thought on this subject, here is an ebook download which summarises the thoughts from three groups of management trainees whom I have trained.

ebook motivation

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