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Certificate in Coaching

The Certificate in Coaching is a programme in partnership with the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL)


certificate in coaching qualification

The Certificate in Coaching is a full professional coaching qualification, which is based on the pure definition of coaching.

People get confused about coaching. They often wrongly use the word in connection with sport.

Coaching is not about training, or showing, or mentoring, or advising.

It is about enabling the person being coached (the client) to have their own thoughts and produce their own solutions.

Therefore, coaching is a very powerful management tool.

Certificate in Coaching – Objectives and Outcomes

The Certificate in Coaching is a very pragmatic programme. During the programme, we will introduce you to a range of coaching tools. You can then apply these tools in live coaching situations and you will learn by doing.

You will practise using volunteer clients and you can develop your skills by carrying out real coaching sessions with them. Your volunteers can be friends, family or colleagues at work. They are helping you achieve your Certificate in Coaching.

The Certificate in Coaching will be delivered on a one-to-one basis or to a small group, via online sessions using Teams.

The programme support materials are all available to you online and your programme facilitator will give you feedback and will help you towards becoming a fully qualified professional coach.

This qualification will enable you to gain entry into the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as a full Member if you wish to join, and you will be able to use the letters MITOL (Member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning) after your name to reflect your professional status.

Who Should Study for the Certificate in Coaching?

Anyone who wants to help others achieve their goals.

So you could be a learning professional, a line manager, a team leader, a senior manager or a freelance trainer.

certificate in coaching GROW

We can also run the programme as a face to face programme for up to 9 attendees.

Success Criteria

There are a number of outputs you need to produce so we can assess you for your Certificate in Coaching.

You will:

  • Keep a coaching log which will show what you do to prepare for and follow-up on each coaching session
  • Submit client notes – these will be used to assess you
  • Record how many hours of coaching practise you get. The minimum is 10 hours.
  • Provide feedback from at least one client and from someone who sits and observes a coaching session
  • Produce a written assignment of around 2,500 words which will demonstrate your understanding of an aspect of the coaching process.

Coaching Certificate – Your Options:

For further details about the coaching certificate, please Contact Us.