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Effective Sales Proposals

This hands-on workshop addresses often-neglected skills that can make or break major sales. It applies research into persuasion and buyer psychology to the creation of truly effective proposal documents.

Who should attend?

Effective sales proposals will benefit salespeople, managers, technical specialists and any staff who contribute to the preparation of proposals or tender documents. The programme is especially valuable if ‘bid teams’ attend together, as it ensures that the technical content of the proposal is persuasively integrated with the customer’s needs uncovered.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Find out how to produce a document that sells while you’re not there
  • Discover how to set out a clear business case
  • Learn how to show the client the full cost benefit of adopting your solution
  • Create a customised proposal template to reinforce and become part of your company’s corporate identity
  • Keep the proposal customer-focused
  • Improve the chances of proposals being read by key decision-makers

Specific course content:

  • Buying motivations
  • Gaining rapport your use of words
  • Layout
  • Costs
  • Key words

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