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Closing The Sale

Your team have done 90% of the job in finding the decision maker, analysing their requirements and selling the benefits, but sometimes they just can’t seem to close the business. You know that there are no prizes for coming second, so you want to give them a boost. There is nothing cheap and nasty about our closing techniques – they are all based on natural human behaviour and they work!

At the end of this event attendees will:

  • Uncover the psychological fears and concerns they might have with closing
  • Understand the TRUE COST of failing to close your many opportunities
  • Understand the types of closing skills that will work for your NATURAL style
  • Learn the key ingredients to successful closing
  • Understand what motivates BUYERS to say YES (and say no) – the secrets of human behaviour and closing skills
  • Realise the power of honesty, empathy and respect when closing
  • Respond to buyer closing SIGNALS – including verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Understand the Risk:Reward ratio and how you can build VALUE to a close
  • Learn how to checkpoint and trial close at appropriate points in the sale
  • Flush out the most common OBJECTIONS from buyers and learn how to CLEAR PATHS to a close.
  • Understand key CLOSING MILESTONES in your sale
  • Learn how to use powerful language, tone, authority and professional assertiveness when closing
  • Adapt key ways to THINK ON YOUR FEET when closing
  • Learn over 20 CLOSING QUESTIONS and choose those that suit your own natural style.
  • Learn the NATURAL way of closing and why it can be your most powerful asset!

Your team should leave this session confident that they know how and when to close.

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