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Guest blogger, Karen Chamberlain, explains how you can become even more awesome than you already are!

As a self-employed business owner for over 7 years, I recognise it’s important to stay focused, positive, resilient and to be self-motivated. My ability to do this, and to do this well most of the time, strengthens over time; this is helped with experience & practice, a good support network with colleagues I trust, a host of tools, and taking time to develop my own self-awareness and skills.

Last year I facilitated a session for the Trainers Network Northamptonshire Group; “Be the Best Version of You’.

be the best version of you

So why did I choose this topic? `Be the Best Version of YOU’ is a practice I’ve used on myself periodically, and which I’ve shared with many clients during my training and coaching work. This much valued `time to think’, helps provide clarity on the qualities and behaviours which serve us (and others) well, and those that don’t, and to identify changes (which are often small) that we can implement.

Specific benefits to doing this have included:

  • creating a calmer and happier self
  • improving clarity of thought, planning and decision making
  • managing emotions and conflicts
  • gaining confidence to deal with situations, and try new things
  • allowing ourselves to be more present and mindful
  • stepping out of our comfort zone, taking risks
  • developing a growth mind-set
  • building relationships
  • enhancing our wellbeing

Ultimately, when I am “Being the Best Version of ME” it gives me a greater chance to be `working at my best’, to then deliver the best customer service, build strong and meaningful relationships, and achieve better results.

So, let me share with you the steps we took in this session, which you can do on your own, or perhaps alongside a colleague, with friends or with a coach:

Be the Best Version of You Activity

  1. Grab some paper; use large flip chart paper if you have it, or perhaps some coloured paper. Using a combination or pictures and words, capture here all the qualities you see in you, when you are `Being the Best Version of YOU’.

Now, consider this from the perspective of others who know you well; what do they see, in the way of qualities, and behaviors, when you are `Being the Best Version of YOU’.

Be the best 2

2. Now, consider, what benefits do those qualities give you and others when they are in play? What do they create? What does it feel like?

Be the best 3

3. Now, what can you do to draw out more of these positive qualities that you hold, that serve you and others well, more frequently?

Be the best 4

This tends to draw out a range of ideas, which have included:

  • Allow time for breaks
  • Exercise more
  • Use a gratitude journal
  • Ask for feedback from others you trust
  • Hydrate
  • Take a risk, put yourself forward next time you feel yourself holding back
  • Review and plan regularly – schedule the time in to do it
  • Personal development
  • Talking to colleagues
  • Recognise and celebrate your successes!
  • Practise mindfulness

4. What commitments are people taking away, to implement?

One of my favourite action planning tools is to use the traffic light system, which is simple and easy to use approach, and prompts reflection to summarise the key points:

  • What am I going to STOP doing?
  • What am I going to CONTINUE doing, or even DO MORE OF?
  • What am I going to START doing?
Be the best 5

5. Finally, how will you hold yourself to account? What do you need to do, to ensure you do put your ideas into practice? When will you review your progress, and success?

Working with This Approach

When I work with this approach, a few things strike me:

  • It’s empowering to recognise that the majority of the actions and commitments are within our control (I often share here Stephen Covey’s impactful model the circles of influence and control). 
  • It highlights the importance of planning and taking time to review how you are performing, and behaving, and what difference this is having on you. This can link to different parts of your world, professionally and personally.
  • It can open up new possibilities, new adventures. Recently, after a journey to improve my fitness, health and overall wellbeing, I ran my first half marathon. This has given me a wonderful sense of achievement. I wonder what will be next ;o)

Best wishes

Karen Chamberlain

Director of KC Learning & Development

Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

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