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Getting the most from staff by investing in training

Getting the most from staff by investing in training

In these difficult economic times all of us are looking to get more bang for our bucks.

Enhancing the transfer of learning from classroom to workplace can be achieved by following these steps.


1. Carry out a training needs analysis.

This needs to find out the ‘gap’ in performance and the measurement.

Without the measurement we cannot work out our return on investment.

2. Write the learning outcomes in behavioural terms.

You can use the SMART mnemonic here or any method that states:

  • Exactly WHAT the learner needs to do
  • The TIMESCALE this objective will be completed
  • How you will measure this.


I will attend a course that covers how to ask questions to develop a coaching style of management.

By when:

I need to attend by the end of the second quarter.

I will measure this by:

I will have less interruptions because my staff will have learned (through my behaviour change) that I will ask questions before I give answers.

3. Hold a pre-event briefing.

Go over the learning objective and agree a review date once the course has been identified.

4. Hold the post-event review.

Discuss how the objective(s) were met and not purely the hygiene enjoyment levels such as lunch, content, training style.

5. Agree a plan of implementation in goal format that will be reviewed.

6. A coach will help them turn their intentions into actions.

My Vision

Is for a world where course attendees think about what they want to achieve before the learning event and commit to actions on the day.

They then return to their workplace with commitments in hand and are coached to make it happen.