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Customer Care on the Phone for Credit Contollers

(1 day maximum 12 attendees)

Effectively managing customers’ payments is vital for every business. Ensuring each payment arrives on time is essential for business growth whilst swift action on slow or poor payers reduces profit loss and minimises business risk. The management of these customers should be pro-active so that positive relationships are built and maintained. This one day course focuses on developing the interpersonal skills required to understand behaviour and adapt accordingly.

Who should attend:

Anyone who handles customers’ payments over the telephone.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify behaviours in themselves and others that lead to non-assertive behaviour
  • Use a variety of interpersonal skills to deal with people
  • Manage both aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Project their own authority in an assertive way
  • Ensure the call is controlled in a focused way
  • Learn how to influence difficult people to ensure a positive result

Specific Course Content:

  • Identify different types of interpersonal behaviour
  • Understand and change your behaviour patterns
  • Learn techniques for managing dominant and difficult people
  • Develop a new assertive attitude when managing people on the telephone
  • Communicating in a positive way to control the call
  • Focusing on resolution whilst developing the relationship

This workshop uses a DVD and activities to highlight behaviour styles at work. It is a highly participative course, based around the needs of each individual attending.

* This course can be tailored to handling difficult telephone calls, Reception Skills, the perfect outbound call etc.

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