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Trainers Network

Trainers Network Northamptonshire

Life as a trainer can be lonely at times and the opportunities to network with other trainers can be difficult and costly.

During 2010 we launched Trainers Network Northamptonshire. The purpose of the Network is to enable trainers and people involved with training related roles to get together about once every three months to share ideas, try out new activities and provide support for each other. The golden rule agreed to by all participants is No Selling! So the environment is relaxed, friendly and supportive.

We have a mixture of freelance and in-company trainers plus some HR consultants and HR managers who attend.

Despite the name, we are not restricting participation to the people of Northamptonshire. Already we have attendees from Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and even one person who came all the way from Japan!

We run this as a not for profit venture so there are no membership fees. You just pay us what the venue charges us for your place.


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